Episode 188 : Mystery Episode 18

Well, I guess the universe felt the need to align (ep 188 and mystery ep 18? Get it?) and the dimensions parted.. and here we are. Mystery Episode. Enjoy!


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3 Responses to Episode 188 : Mystery Episode 18

  1. jas says:

    William: “But, you seemed confused.”

    And maybe a tad dissonant…

  2. William says:

    Slim Whitman was the artist I was trying to think of… when I was talking about Mars Attacks…

  3. Craig says:

    Some context for the ‘open world’ question. When I sent that in I was in the middle of playing Watch Dogs which is (in my opinion) a bad game in part because of the open world aspects (it doesn’t help that the main plot is also pretty bad). With Watch Dogs there are just so many things the developers added to the game that have no point, for example you can go play chess or join augmented reality games within the main game.

    As William suggested my issue is when the game doesn’t have a strong narrative, or at least doesn’t have one when it pretends to. With Skyrim there is technically a plot but it doesn’t matter and the vast majority of what you do just has no impact upon the world. I put around 50 hours into Skyrim but by the point I gave up the world was basically unchanged from how it had been when I started. I was the archmage of the magic college but that had zero impact outside of the short series of quests leading up to that point. On the other hand the Fallout games I loved (even if they were horribely buggy), there’s a strong main plot and plenty of other plot arcs that actually have an impact upon the world, especially in Fallout New Vegas.

    Also I wasn’t a big fan of Mass Effect (though I only played 2 & 3). While the plot is strong I just didn’t think it was very good, most of the game is essentially finding and hiring a party as opposed to actually dealing with the Reapers.

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