Episode 125 : Irritable Bowl Syndrome

This is a Producer-heavy episode, Hatlings! So eat it up! She yells at Tony, gives us her take on phones, and drinks, and… probably other things I’ve forgotten. Enjoy!


Dear Husband et al., When I finish yoga I’m always thirsty and crave a)Mike’s hard lemonade or b)full sugar Pepsi. Does this mean I’m going to a special yogic hell where we only practice revolved triangle, crazy inversions and head/handstands? — The Producer

Dear Hat Thralls, What do you look for in a cell phone? — Bloodsparrow


The Producer mentioned for a thing this weekend for those who are Pagan and local to Iowa City. If you’re interested, the link to their site is here.

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10 Responses to Episode 125 : Irritable Bowl Syndrome

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    On the subject of Pacific Rim:
    I think I mentioned this last week, but look for an article about the visuals of the movie. It has a lot to say about that Russian couple.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Cravings after exersize:

      When I was younger and finished a day working at a Ren Faire, my friends would get me a Big Gulp of Coke and would just sit there watching me drink it.

      It was soooooooooooooooooo good.

      I sometimes get sad or feel kinda down after working out and I don’t know why. I heard Jonah Ray say on a recent episode of the Nerdist Podcast say that he gets that too. And I was like, “Yay! I’m not alone!” So it made me feel better about the whole thing.

      Then I mentioned it off handedly to my trainer last week and she was shocked.

      So I guess it’s just the two of us.

      : /

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        So anyway, the point of all that was that I crave things that make me happy or have happy memories attached to them.

        Like Coke Zero, or Lipton Ice Tea made with the mix.

        Neither of which I drink anymore since going on the Paleo “diet”.

      • The Producer says:

        I was thinking about it afterwards, and I think it definitely has to do with rewards. “If I do this thing that is hard, then I’ll give myself this treat.” It’s just that the rewards I’m craving at that point seem so counter-productive. It’s kind of an ongoing problem for me that I don’t know any good ways to reward myself that aren’t food-related, or involve bringing even more crap into our already over-full house.

        Other people talk like they do, but I almost never enjoy any of the exercise I do as I’m doing it. I enjoy being more strong/flexible/etc. I enjoy the fact that I can go after work and forget whatever happened that day that really pissed me off. I enjoy the camaraderie of being in it with other people. But I don’t think I ever enjoy it for its own sake. It’s kind of like work – if they didn’t pay me, I wouldn’t go.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Cell Phones:

      Cell phones that are just phones are totally a thing. There are some cell phone providers where their thing is that they only have phone phones.

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        The first time I took a trip to Amsterdam, my phone didn’t work when I landed and it was a HUGE pain just trying to call somebody and find my way around. Luckly, I had printed out a few key emails and a map before I left home for the airport. Once I got the phone service sorted (which involved calling my Dad via Skype over the Wifi in the hotel lobby) I realized just how freaking expensive data was in the Netherlands. So I was without the ability to use navigation on my phone to get around. I could do without the ability to look things up on Yelp, or to Tweet, or upload a photo to Facebook immediately… But the loss of the map and directions… That was stressful.

        All of my stories from that first trip involve me saying, “… and then I found free WiFi!” about one third of the way through.

        I recently got an iPhone 5. And I ended up getting it because I have a reasonable investment in iTunes stuff… But now that I know I can transfer my iTunes music over, I’m probably going to go with an Android device and just go ahead and re-buy only the apps that are important to me. (Like Zombies Run)

        iOS is too much of a walled garden. The phone is not compatable with the Bluetooth modem I installed into my robot dog, so I can’t controll him with it. What’s the point in that?

        • The Producer says:

          Zombies Run! I totally recommended that to so many people when I found out it existed. How come I forgot when I finally got a phone? Who doesn’t want to run away from zombies?

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      If the hat is getting light, you should probably put in a request at the Happy Jacks RPG forums again.

      I can only ask so many food related questions (that end up not applying to William).

  2. jas says:

    I would have liked to hear a bit more about what stereotypes you guys thought were represented in Mako Mori’s character in Pacific Rim (not that I thought there weren’t any). But maybe too spoilery to say–which reminds me to warn here:

    spoilers below

    I found that the heroic story was kind of split between her and Raleigh. Don’t know if del Torro might have done that deliberately as a kind of mirror of the shared brain-piloting but I was wondering.

    She actually had most of the central weight of a heroic narrative in that 1) Her mistake is the major error which she has to overcome in order to be heroic. (Raleigh plays the helper role in helping her to overcome her problem–the helper is usually either the female role or sidekick.); 2) Her mistake is based on her tragic past which is chronologically, visually, and emotionally the most central thing in the movie; 3) She has father issues which have to be dealt with for her to step into the hero role; and in the fight–she is the one who wields the weapon (the arm on Raleigh’s side gets torn off). After that point–Raleigh did seem to take over as hero–though what he did as hero (as did Stryker) was play the role of willing sacrifice–usually the role of the older generation or the woman.

    Then the romantic stuff at the very end was just silly. CPR woman!!! CPR does not involve hugging!

  3. Mark says:

    Producer: The power of the hat compels you… to say hello?

    Loose cannon: Wouldn’t a loose cannoli be a better pun here?

    Producer: I hope your run went well (assuming if ever happened).

    State Fair: Meh, I’ve not been since high school and I don’t really miss it. I think about going back and trying it again once in awhile, but haven’t done it.

    Briar Rose Read Through: Looking forward to it.

    Pacific Rim: While there was a large-scale destruction, it’s worth pointing out there’s a scene where the Jaeger deliberate steps over an overpass rather than just rushing through it. It’s a nice touch that in the middle of a battle the Jaeger pilots still were trying to avoid the destruction.

    Red 2: I’ve heard that this wasn’t nearly as good as the original, but we’ll probably go see this once it hits the cheap seats.

    Sugared soda: If you’re going to drink one, get the Mexican import with cane sugar; at least than it’ll taste good.

    Poor drink choices after yoga: If it encourages you to do the yoga; then it’s probably not that awful. Though you don’t get as much benefit from your yoga if you drink these things. Maybe you could drink iced tea (no sweetener!)?

    So relaxed you need caffeine; know what I mean? No: Hearing Tony (attempt to) shut William down with that very definitive “No” made me smile.

    Cell phone attributes: The key features for me are reception, battery life & a nice screen. I’ve used both Android & iOS and like different things about both. The difference tends to come down to the apps you want. Speaking in broad generalizations, Android apps tend to be more flexible/customizable; while iOS apps tend to look more polished. If you’re already invested in iOS with an iPod/iPad/Mac and happy; stick with it. If you’re not, try

    Wait a minute! You mean the Magical Talking Hat doesn’t write out the questions? It’s really Tony or the Producer? *shock*

    I’ve not been on Twitter for ages; did Tony pull a Paula Dean over there?

    Tony & Smart Phones: If you want a cellphone and your iPod; then you’d probably be better off just getting an iPhone and transferring your stuff over to the new one.

    Like many people from my generation; I resisted cellphones for a long time. When I finally broke down and got one, I recognized the usefulness of them, but resisted getting a smartphone as having too much crap in one device (plus early smartphones sucked). Once I finally got a real smartphone, I feel in love with it. Mind you I only very, very rarely talk to people on my cellphone. I primarily use it to have the internet in my pocket (IMing, email, podcasts, movie times, etc).

    Side note: William was very quiet in this episode.

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