Episode 57 : Crust is bullshit!

The William version of this episode title is “Yay for Sandwiches!”


William’s famous Dr. Pepper can now be told! Or rather, is told, on the air. By William. In this episode. Also, Lenny Kravitz, sense-memories, and… well, sandwiches. Enjoy!



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11 Responses to Episode 57 : Crust is bullshit!

  1. Beth says:

    mmm, globules – thanks William.
    I’m not sure I’ve ever been so starving for a really good sandwich at 7am before. Thanks guys. Also, new hat record, right? Only one question answered?

    Interestingly enough, driving home from work the other night, I happened to catch John Tesh who was mentioning that the crust of the bread has more nutrients in it. I actually said “duh” out loud, to the radio, as though John Tesh would then hear me and realize how obvious his statement was – everybody knows that. Seconds later, I was thinking ‘wait a second, WHY does the crust have more nutrients? It’s made of the same stuff as the inside of the bread?’ I don’t know why this is true (or is not true). I have also heard that eating bread crust makes your hair curly, though I’m pretty sure that was just an “old wives tale” used to get straight haired kids to eat their crust.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    I’ve had duck eggs, and goose as well. I don’t know if I can quantify the difference between them and chicken eggs, but there is a difference.

    My Dad wore Old Spice when I was growing up and my Mom wore L’Air Du Tempts. As a family, we tend to prefer coke over other kinds of “bubbly brown”.

    I realized that I forgot to comment on “generic” brands for the last episode. In California, it was called “Plain Wrap” and tended to be a white label with black lettering and a blue stripe running around the middle. You don’t see it any more… But the only plain wrap thing we would get was strawberry soda, which I called “Phosphate” after having read Our Town. In that play, they talk about going to the store for a strawberry phosphate and when I asked my parents about that they pointed out the plain wrap strawberry soda as an example of what they might have been talking about.

    Living now, in Texas, Dr. Pepper is kind of a big thing since it was invented here. There are some resturants that make sauce with it for ribs and chicken wings. Your Dad would probably like “Dublin Dr. Pepper” which is made with Impirial brand sugar. (Which is apparently the major brand of sugar around here.) He has to get some fast however, because the small (probably historical) factory in Dublin, TX that makes it is going to be shut down. Because Pepsico is stupid and evil.

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    PB&J is good. In fact when you’re in Vegas, and you’re looking for a simple, filling, and realistically priced lunch I highly reccomend the PB&J at “Wichcraft” in the MGM grand, just around the corner from the walkway that leads to the monorail. (MONORAIL!) It’s great.

    I agree, sprouts on a sandwitch are awesome. I don’t put sliced avocado on a sandwich, I get some very simply prepared guac and use it as a spread.

    I’m very fond of brie and tomato on a lightly buttered baguette, which I at A LOT when I was at summer school in Cambridge.

    The go-to sandwich for me is the BLT. It’s a fairly popular in my family. In fact, my Dad once ate a BLT while having lunch with a couple of Hasidic Jews. The BLTs at a resturant near me that makes a GREAT BLT, they don’t skimp on the bacon there. So great.

    For a while, I was making myself a breakfast sandwitch by making savory french bread with whole wheat. One slice I would cook on both sides and the other I would cook on one side first. Then I would put some cheese and a few veggies and possibly some kind of breakfast MEAT on the slice that had been cooked on both sides. Then I would put the cooked side of the half-cooked slice on top (cooked side down obviously) and then put the whole thing down on the grittle again on the uncooked side of the sandwitch to warm it all up.

  4. Bloodsparrow says:

    I also eat the pickles off the burger first.

    Also, I maintain that pretzel bread is the BOMB and is better with the crust.

    • Mark says:

      I love pretzel bread and there simply does not exist a better bread/bun for hamburgers. However Tony does make a valid point that croissants make excellent sandwich bread.

  5. Mark says:

    Pop/Soda/Coke: When I was a kid living in North Carolina, we called it soda. So it’s not all of the south that calls it “coke”. Though if you want detailed info on that contraversy, check out Pop vs Soda.

    For some reason every time Tony started talking about William’s parents having sex; I started picturing Tony standing around in a grey suit, throwing back a slug of scotch.

    “Dr. Pepper tastes like Daddy’s love?” Umm, hearing that did not tug at my heart strings so much as it pulled on my squick-o-meter.

    Dresden Files: I’ll be interested how the RPG goes for you; having read all the novels I find myself rather interested in the game. I vaguely recall catching an episode of the TV show when it originally aired. It was awful and that was my opinion from before reading the books; so now I think of it as bloody awful. I think my biggest problem with the tv show was the actor they cast for Dresden came off as a weasel rather than a guy who always does what he thinks is right.

    Hunger Games: Umm, he’s only a small character in the movie; in the book, he’s a much bigger deal. Many things in the movie were glossed over, which become huge in the other books. Given that you’ve got plenty of time before another Hunger Games movie comes out and given that the books are good; I’d recommend going ahead and reading them.

    Pinnacle of sandwich artistry: This would have to be a nice MLT: a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky, I love that. Also if you want olives you don’t want boring old olives; you want some lovely kalamatas.

  6. SirGuido says:

    Aioli = yum.

    Pop, sometimes soda, occasionally soft drinks… rarely anything else. But since I stopped drinking the stuff 2 years ago I rarely even talk about it anyway.

    For me the ultimate sandwich is a grilled cheese, but not just any grilled cheese… a very particular grilled cheese. Has to have a nice crusty sourdough, liberally butter with salted butter and placed on a cast iron griddle or pan, then layered inside with either Land O Lakes american cheese or a good quality cheddar, then griddled at a low to medium temperature until its nicely golden brown and incredibly crunchy. I do sometimes like to spread the insides of said bread with a bit of dijon before adding the cheese and also adding a bit of ham and a few slices of tomato.

    My favorite cold sandwich however has to have a somewhat sturdy bread(usually white, wheat, or sourdough), a mixture of good mayo and some sort of mustard(generally deli mustard), then I like spinach leaves, red onion, deli style pickle slices, tomato, cucumber slices, green olives, ham, turkey, and bacon.

    Basically, I just love sandwiches in general. This is why I asked the question, as I had a gut feeling you guys were sandwich lovers as well. I’m glad I could oblige you for a half hour’s discussion.

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