Episode 44 : The Mystery Episode

Somewhere, somewhen, some guys did something.


Yes, the snow is blowing, and William cannot be with us tonight.  But long ago, three hikers found a flash drive out in the woods.  On the drive was… well, some *really* freaky porn… but also this lost episode of the Hat.

So enjoy… whatever this is.



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11 Responses to Episode 44 : The Mystery Episode

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    I would only go to the Hobo Jamboree if I could go with you guys… Assuming William isn’t dead by then.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Ah yeah, William busting out the “Nazi On The Run” humor.

    That was not my question. I know when and how to clean a bathroom.

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    I don’t think anybody finished “Witch Hunter Robin”.

    I have the DVD of .hack//sign, I didn’t watch all of .hack//Twilight Prophesy (which was way more silly). I also played the first 3 games.

    Cowboy Bebop is significant in being one of the only anime with an English dub that might actually be considered to be better then the undubbed.

    I was fond of Bleach for a while. (Chad FTW!)

    • Mark says:

      I, my wife and several of my friends have all finished Witch Hunter Robin. It was a good show, though it’s been long enough now that I don’t remember much about it.

      English dubs? Ewwww. I doubt I could stand Cowboy Bebop dubbed. In fact only 2 shows come to mind that I can stand that way: early Tenchi Muyo (probably because I saw it dubbed first) and a little know show called the Heroic Legend of Arslan. Though in the case of HLoA, the dubbing was only acceptable for the first 3 OAVs. Apparently the US company got in trouble over some of the translations and so in the 4th OAV, they changed names and there was also speculation that they had some financial difficulties as they also changed all the voice actors (switching from people who sounded like professional actors with different accents for characters with different nationalities to people who sounded like they just happened to work in the US anime company’s office).

  4. Azuretalon says:

    I’m not much of an anime fan anymore, but I still have a soft spot for Trigun amd Vampire Hunter D.

  5. Stuart says:

    Do I code my time to inclement weather for listening to this one?

    Alright, here’s a tip for helping to keep the bathroom clean, particularly if you don’t have one of those plastic shower/bath units and just have a normal height bath with tiles up the wall instead: after each shower, wipe the wall down with a flannel (wash cloth). It’ll prevent build up of crap, in particular the mold that builds up in grout between tiles. Full disclosure: I don’t do this, as the bath (full tall plastic thing) that came with the house is awful, so if I continue to let it become more awful, it’ll convince me to fetch my tools and replace it.

    The pet naming convention we’ve adopted in our house is NewName PreviousName MyLastName. That helps us remember what absurd name the (usually cat) was given at the animal shelter, which is where we get all of ours from, but at the same time lets us pick something nice. We let our toddler name her beta fish, so it’s called “Mmmm”.

    More on anime later, when time permits!

  6. Mark says:

    Severe winter weather blows and a non-functional snow blower makes it worse (ow, my aching back and knees).

    Mystery episode? Mystery episode!

    William: Annual Iowa Hobo gathering? Isn’t that just your family reunion? :p Also, your story of Mort & Lilly was greatly disturbing. Those weren’t Lilly’s remains, those were the remains of somebody else’s pet. She actually escaped and is watching you record this episode of the podcast RIGHT NOW.

    We didn’t have any pets as kids. Since my dad didn’t want cats, my mom didn’t want to get stuck picking up after a dog and we never saw the point in getting rodents/fish/birds.

    William: Anthony Hissalot? Score a point for you.

    Tony: I’ve never had the particular hearing problem where Twiglet sounds like toilet and I’m a bit amazed that anybody has.

    Producer: Esmerelda Stinkybutt Parsons? Score a point for you.

    Cleaning bathrooms should be done on a weekly schedule and I can totally relate to the shower getting worse than the rest of the bathroom. My wife and I near-sighted (me more than her) and the shower portion of our master bathroom is darker than the rest. So it’s really easy to let that slide, simply because we can’t see how …. unpleasant its gotten. Still I’m guessing eventually it’ll get bad enough that we’ll just take a wrecking ball to the shower and redo it.

    Tony: If you want to use the in-bowl cleaners, all you have to do is keep the toilet lid closed and then your cats cannot get into the toilet to drink from it.

    Standard wheat sandwich bread is pathetic, but we still tend to get that over plain white. I really prefer any bread that’s been freshly baked or Hy-Vee makes these little loaves of pretzel bread that’s really nice.

    Anime: I used to be really into anime (up until about 5-10 years ago). I still kind of like it, but finding new anime that I like has gotten harder and harder. Not sure why that is. Full Metal Alchemist and Cowboy Beebop were excellent and William should totally watch it. Tony should go back and finish Witch Hunter Robin (it was good). Hellsing was lame. Witchblade was worse. Claymore was an interesting concept, but the show was kind of weak. DotHack was kind of fun. Other good series would include: Trigun, Azumanga Daioh, K-On, Wolf’s Rain, Last Exile, Monster, Seirei no Moribito (aka Guardian of the Spirit) and Detective Boy Conan (aka Case Closed).

    Tony: Wash your mouth/brain out with soap. Castle in the Sky is an excellent Ghibli movie though not my favorite (that would be Porco Rosso).

  7. Kiya Bee says:

    For a moment there I was confused and on the brink of despair, because I thought the entire podcast was going to be Tony answering questions without William. Now it all makes sense, and I feel much better.

    Regarding pets, the town Tony grew up in does have weird alkaline water, so I can see how fish would not have survived. The Bee family has fish, a ten gallon aquarium and a betta tank, but we’re not in that town anymore so a simple water conditioner is sufficient to keep the fish happy. We had a gap in between getting pets, though, since the youngest Bee was very active and it wasn’t quite kid-safe until recently, so I suppose the pets we have now are his first pets. We just adopted a kitten a little more than a month ago, and it’s the first cat we’ve had that we sought out and named ourselves for our family.

    I suppose I should have been more specific in the bread question, such as differentiating between plain old white bread and true whole-grain bread, but the discussion was good nonetheless. Mr. Bee likes white bread, but I grew up on and love whole wheat bread, and since I do the food shopping and preparation that’s what we get. As the conversation segued into restaurant food, I realize that I tend to order the same thing, but it depends on the restaurant; for example, at an Italian joint I’ll order fettucine alfredo, at our favorite Mexican place I’ll get my favorite burrito, and so on.

    I would have loved to hear more about the obscure, non-U.S. licensed anime that Tony tends to like. Mr. Bee has always liked anime, but I was 30 before I gave it a shot, so he tends to like older anime and I’ve seen more newer titles. My absolute favorites are Fullmetal Alchemist, FLCL, Samurai Champloo, and Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo. Samurai Champloo is by the same director as Cowboy Bebop, but I had a hard time really liking Cowboy Bebop. Fullmetal Alchemist is interesting because it has two complete series, and I’m still not sure which one I like best; I’ll probably have to rewatch Brotherhood to figure it out. Right now I’m in the middle of Speed Grapher, and it’s turning out to be pretty terrible despite my hopes to the contrary.

    • Mark says:

      I loved Gankutsuou, but it took me a few episodes to get past the odd animation style and my wife gets motion sick trying to watch it. The first Fullmetal Alchemist series might have been slightly better than the second; however given that the second is longer and was created to more closely match the manga, I have a hard time picking a favorite between them. I remember FLCL starting off interesting, and I liked the character designs but I don’t recall seeing it all the way to the end. Samurai Champloo never appealed to me, but I did greatly enjoy Cowboy Bebop. Out of curiosity what don’t you like about Cowboy Bebop?

      Speed Grapher started off sounding interesting, but went bad fast.

      • Kiya Bee says:

        While Cowboy Bebop had a story thread throughout, it was presented in a very episodic way which didn’t appeal to me. I also didn’t really connect with the characters, which made it hard for me to care about what was going on. I’ve even watched it twice, the subtitled version, just to make sure; I heard that the dub was very good, but I really prefer Japanese with subtitles. That being said, I loved the music, and the animation for its time was superb. Funny enough, the hip hop in Samurai Champloo is not the kind of music I listen to, but I love that show so much compared to Cowboy Bebop.

        Ugh, Speed Grapher. The concept seemed like a good one, but between the bad animation and poor execution it’s become a real stinker. Since I’m more than halfway through I’ll finish it, but it’s not deserving of a rewatch.

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