Episode 30 : Homophobes make the best coffee!

It’s our pearl weekiversary!


There’s some serious confessions and opening up.  We unburden our souls here, and bring up some deep stuff.  It’s not easy for people to admit to their own prejudices, so don’t laugh.  This whole episode, don’t laugh.  It’s serious dammit!


Also we get through four questions.  Don’t laugh!



I’m still emotionally drained, and I don’t remember anything link-worthy.  You disagree?  Let me know, I’ll add it in.


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9 Responses to Episode 30 : Homophobes make the best coffee!

  1. Mark says:

    William, don’t worry about the laser crabs; Tony’s just trying to fade you.
    Tony: HsR blows.

    Obviously it’s not TMTH is not causing the problems with Tony’s computer; it’s Tony’s porn collection.

    William’s not the only one who didn’t have to read a bunch of stuff in school. Maybe hillbilly school & Iowa high schools are similar enough that we had cool teachers that had us watch plays/movie adaptions of some of those classic novels. As for writing papers, maybe you just have a different standard of what a “lot” of papers is; given that you’re a writer-boy.

    Me thinks Tony was just jealous that William finally took the time to go on and on about what he felt like talking about rather than just responding to Tony doing the same.

    Of course Batman is an asshole. If Batman wasn’t an asshole he wouldn’t be cool.

    TMTH film would most likely have to do something like Pulp Fiction and the hat is always just off screen or in a briefcase or something.

    Superman vs Batman? So was that question summerized down from who would win a fight or was the question more open (e.g. maybe the questioner wan’t to know who you’d rather be or who you’d rather sleep with)?

    • whodo_voodoo says:

      No the Superman vs Batman question wasn’t summarised down, it was exactly as I’d written it. I think I’d just finished reading Hush (which is the story where Poison Ivy takes control of superman) when I sent it in. So not being a big reader of DC I wasn’t sure if all the times those two fight were like that (ie Superman should just win without even trying).

    • William says:

      Hm, good point, Mark. But let me ask you, does a “vs.” between two names not always indicate a battle between the two named? Can it simply indicate a comparison?

      • Mark says:

        According to Dictionary.com:

        ver·sus [vur-suhs, -suhz]

        against (used especially to indicate an action brought by one party against another in a court of law, or to denote competing teams or players in a sports contest): Smith versus Jones; Army versus Navy.
        as compared to or as one of two choices; in contrast with: traveling by plane versus traveling by train. Abbreviation: v., vs.

        So it can really be either one depending upon the context.

  2. Azuretalon says:

    Oddly, I also thought of Pulp Fiction’s briefcase for a “TMTH”

    And Batman would win, Batman always wins the “vs” anyone.

    First we have to assume its ideological. When any two people are compared in a vs sense you have to throw out mind control or similar situations. Either they are totally under someones thrall and thus don’t fight like themselves, or they have some will to fight like themselves but are using that will to fight the control and thus not at 100%.

    Batman has contingency plans to take out any other hero if he has to. Batman has Kryptonite, and at least in some continuities was care taker of a Green Lantern ring (which is capable of producing kryptonite radiation). Also Batman knows Superman has no defense against magic, and could obtain magical material from his various allies (Zantanna comes to mind). Of course Superman wins in a toe to toe slugfest but Bats simply wouldn’t get drawn into such a losing prospect.

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    I have a DVD of Metropolis, it’s awesome. I will probably buy this new version.

    I never read Withering Hights, but I did have to read Cats Cradle and Brave New World in High School which not a lot of people have I suppose.

    I had a similar experience when I was in line to visit the Anne Frank House and I was behind this English couple who said they had no idea who she was until about a month previously when they saw a documentary on her on some BBC channel or other. I was surprised. I was even more surprised to discover that some of my friends didn’t read it in Jr. High or High School like I did. I just thought it was a book everybody has to read when they’re 13 or 14… But I guess it’s not that surprising considering there are school districts where they don’t teach about evolution. (It’s just fracking sad.)

    Re: Batman, I will not chime in on the Batman vs Superman topic because it’s all already been said. But I agree that Batman is a jerk who is a total psycho, but he’s a psycho for good and I can get behind that. I also like that he has no super powers.

    My Dad likes Terra Nova. I haven’t watched it. As a Doctor Who fan all I can think is “In Invasion of the Dinosaurs the people who tried to do that were evil… And now you want to make a whole show about this horrible idea that will totally fubar the timeline?” So yeah, I think I’m over thinking it…

    I think it’s ironic that Tony pulls homophobia out of his butt…

    • Mark says:

      The premise of the time travel in Terra Nova is that they’ve gone into the past of some alternate timeline. So if we assume the characters relating that information weren’t spreading misinformation; then their original timeline will be safe from anything they do in the past. That being said, I’m not entirely convinced that they really are in an alternate timeline but we don’t have enough information yet for me to accurately judge that.

      Terra Nova has an interesting premise, but I have no hope of it ever being really good. After all, it’s a sci-fi show on Fox; if it was really good it would have been canceled already.

  4. Bloodsparrow says:

    “I’m trying to forget you said that.” said right after the thing that has been said is something I’m totally going to use.

    I maintain that Superman is less bright then Batman because it never occurs to him to throw a giant rock on whoever is giving him trouble from like 5 miles away.

    That being said, I have no hate for DC. In fact, my grandfather used to engrave their printing plates back in the day.

  5. Stuart says:

    I didn’t have any of these classic books to read at school, and certainly not at college (which was 99% physics). We did study the Merchant of Venice, but it was collectively as a class, so a bit disjointed and difficult to follow.

    Superman is fine, in the context of the films. He’s the personification of Lawful Good, so isn’t going to go hurling rocks at bad guys from 5 miles away. He does what he can without endangering people. I still enjoy the films, and even liked bits of the reboot (catching the plane was nifty). I think it’s when you start the whole “vs” thing that things break down, because all these people were initially designed in isolation. Without wanting to sound like a WoW dork, the balance is all off and you’d need to nerf this and that. I mean, when it comes to fisticuffs, Superman is obviously going to deck Batman, because Batman is all sleight of hand stuff. But in his own films, Batman kicks ass. That’s probably why I’ve rarely ventured into the DC world stuff, although it looks like we’re all being lead down that road by Hollywood!

    I think I’ve been utterly spoiled by BSG, but Terra Nova is just pants. I was so looking forward to it all summer, but I just struggle with what I’ve seen thus far. I mean, their rooms look like 5 star hotels, it has no “colony” feel about it, nevermind something that’s supposed to help save mankind. Having watched Avatar again this weekend, the mad colonel guy hasn’t been given the part he can almost certainly do. I just find it all terribly “drama-y”, instead of gritty. I may have misheard, but it doesn’t seem to be doing well in the ratings, either.

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