Episode 19 : Back when there was no World Wide Web…

This week (or rather, in the second hour of last week), we discuss the old internet, back when it was just one guy in his basement with a server and a dream.  And that guy was probably Al Gore, I dunno.

Anyway, we discuss art, again, and probably get sued for taking a call on the air.


Also, Dennis.

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4 Responses to Episode 19 : Back when there was no World Wide Web…

  1. Mark says:

    Websites that autoplay audio/video are an abomination unto Nuggin! People who create those sorts of sites should be dealt with most severely.

    As long as you’re talking about the ancient days of the internet, did either of you use ISCA BBS?

    Yes there is an African swallow; also the unladen airspeed velocity of the European swallow is approximately 24 miles/hour.
    One does not get over Holy Grail, the Holy Grail gets over you.
    Life of Brian is good.
    Meaning of Life is awful.

    Art can be shit. Some people claim that if art does not express anything to you that’s your fault. Others say that if the viewer is unable to get any meaning from the art; it’s the art’s fault. I say if the artwork is so blindingly obtuse, then that art is shit.

    Tony: you’re always doing it wrong. :p

    Iowa appears to be a one-party notification state, so I think you were fine to record that call.

    The best show in the world was cancelled by Fox several years ago….

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Sadly, I missed this because I was at ComicCon and I am only just now recovering.

    My Dad was on the ARPA net back in the 70’s and supposedly downloaded me a game from it using an old military surplus dial up modem that you would put that handset of a rotary phone in. But my first interaction was with GOPHER SPACE!

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