Episode 335 : Off Trek Batting

Catching up from two weeks this episode. Tony talks vacation, William talks movies and gaming, and then Tony talks about a harrowing experience he had. Also, apparently Iowa is the best place in the world for institutional foods. Enjoy!



What foods did you like in your elementary school(s) cafeteria? (Assuming you ate food from your elementary school’s cafeteria, of course.) –Cawfee


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Episode 334 : AppleToons

Part two. This one is all about how much Tony is sick of straight white males, and about music, and about marriages, for some reason. And… tequila? I dunno. Something like that. Enjoy!



What do you value most in a friendship? –Cawfee


Here’s what we watched in between episodes.


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Episode 333 : Cold Open

It’s the first of a two-part episode this week. So, of course, we mostly talk about movies. Lots and lots of movies. Enjoy!



If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one quality or ability, what would it be?   –Cawfee

What is the most important life skill kids today should learn? –Stu


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Episode 332: Tony is the Worst

For those of you who listen for William, I have bad news. This is a very Tony-heavy episode. He talks a lot about movies. He even completely spoils The Blackcoat’s Daughter, so if you want to see that, go do it before you listen. But then, the boys get into some deep stuff about being a good friend, and how to know it. Enjoy!



If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?  –Cawfee


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Episode 331 : The Lovewich

Art filled episode tonight. Yeah, it’s still TV, video games, and movies… but we get into the real artistic merits (or lack thereof) of each. Then we praise our wives. Then we crap all over everyone. Enjoy!



What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?  –Cawfee



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Episode 330 : Root Beer Hour

We switch formats this week, becoming a serious root beer critique show. Ok, we also discuss TV and video games. And dinner. And death. And Thomas Edison. But mostly, it’s about the root beer. Enjoy!



What is your most terrible memory? –Cawfee


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Episode 329 : The Perfect Episode

We catch up a bit this week, since the Evils took over last week. Also, goats. Honestly, we talk about sex a lot. It wasn’t on purpose, and the goats aren’t involved, but there you go. And it’s all rather tasteful… William doesn’t even get quiet and embarrassed, so how bad could it be? Enjoy!


What would constitute a perfect day for you? –Cawfee

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Episode 328 : Mystery Episode 38

Another mystery? So soon after the last one? Could this be a push by the Evil Universe to invade ours on a more permanent basis? Probably. Enjoy!



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Episode 327 : All the World was Waiting for You

Yes, it’s been three weeks since we saw each other. Yes, we have a lot to catch up on. Yes, we draw something out of the Hat. But let’s be real here, people… we mostly just talk about Wonder Woman. Enjoy!



Have you, or would you, work overtime for your employer?                                                      –Stu (written during overtime)


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Episode 326 : Mystery Episode 37

Dammit, we’d hoped to talk a lot of Wonder Woman, and catch up on the previous two weeks. But fate has conspired against us, and you’re stuck with the goatee crew from the Evil Universe. Enjoy!


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