Episode 354 : Merry Christmas Hail Satan

Part 2 of 2. Nothing much new here, but we get into questions pretty quick. Okay, there’s a little more talk about poop. But not much! Also, Tony once again tells the greatest joke ever. And we see how many people we can offend on Facebook! Enjoy!



Has Tony’s house stayed clean/organized since his neighbors cleaned it? Why or why not? –Anon

What is one of the nicest things that somebody has ever done for you? –Jas


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5 Responses to Episode 354 : Merry Christmas Hail Satan

  1. Beth says:

    I thought Tony was getting deep with “the season is the reason for the season” in that what I thought he was asserting was “the season of winter is caused by/part of the solstice, and the solstice celebration was why Constantine placed Jesus’s birth here on the calendar, and Jesus’s birth is the cause for the “Christmas season” and all the festivities and frivolities that go along with it.” But no, Tony just meant that winter is the reason for the solstice. Or maybe that the solstice is the reason for winter.

  2. Beth says:

    My family has observed that arguing over the check can put a bitter taste into the end of an otherwise lovely time spent together. So, in a group situation (particularly with people you dine out with often), when the check arrives, offer to pay (or pay your share) and if the other person declines, let that be what happens. It will probably all work out in the end, and it makes paying the check a small deal instead of a big deal and makes the evening more pleasant.

    Also, my parents often comment that they like being able to treat their family to nice meals like my Grandpa used to. So I let them treat most of the time, but occasionally jump on the check faster than they do and they also seem happy with that gesture. As though, I’m not just expecting them to pay my way forever, I’m also successful enough and generous enough to be able to treat others. So, if it makes them happy, I’ll let them pay. But I agree I’d really rather not argue about it.

  3. Beth says:

    Also, I distinctly remember my mom telling me that if I moved home after college, I’d have to pay rent. She said this many times, and when other people we knew had their kids move back home, she’d always comment on it.

    My younger brothers, having both moved home for long periods of time after college and never having paid rent clearly didn’t get the same messaging as I did, or didn’t take it seriously.

    Over the holidays this year, my parents were lamenting that I never moved back home. I said it was because I wasn’t invited. I was expected to make it on my own as an adult after college. When I told my parents that was why, they were both dumbfounded; as though that had never been said.

  4. Mark says:

    Cultural Poop: Umm no.

    Statistic Fetish: Yup, that was funny (bad funny but still funny).

    A great joke is a bit strong; but it is a nice, little gag.

    Sayings: I think one of my Grandmothers might have gotten upset about Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas; but she passed away before that really became a thing. I do remember when I was a kid my mom making me rewrite thank you card because I said Xmas instead of Christmas. *shrug* For the winter holiday season, I tend to use either Happy Christmas or Happy Holidays and don’t care if people have an issue with one or the other. As for sneezing, I say, in order: “Gesundheit”, “Bless You,” and “Too bad you’re on your own, that’s all I got.”

    Holiday Inn: Nope, never heard of that movie before.

    Why I keep listening: My simple answer hasn’t really changed since episode 100. I consider both of you to be my friends, but I’m a horrible friend who never plans outings or gatherings. So listening to the podcast lets me stay involved in what’s going on with ya.

    Taken movies: I’m not sure seeing any of these after the first one is necessary. Even seeing the first one probably isn’t necessary but it’s a great (bad) film.

    My Xmas Legos are far superior to your G.I. Joes!

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