Episode 351 : Loch Ness Monster

We’re back! Yes, there’s still some talk of Tony’s book, but it’s more approachable and shorter, so don’t worry. Also some catch up on movies and video games. But most important of all, we reveal the true identity of the Loch Ness Monster! Enjoy!



William, In terms of RPGs, you’ve mostly mentioned playing indie games, have you played D&D at all?  –Craig


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7 Responses to Episode 351 : Loch Ness Monster

  1. I did a variation on the mole in a party thing, but my line was “it’s either you or someone else depending on how the game goes, but I know you wouldn’t metagame this information.” I then told that to everyone and there was no actual mole.

  2. Craig says:

    Just to be clear I don’t think D&D is great either and I think it tends to encourage a kind of roleplaying that I don’t enjoy. I simply went with D&D as a stand in for traditional non-indie games that is often the gateway game for most people. Was also trying to avoid a lengthy question in to the Hat so figured D&D would serve as an appropriate contrast to indie games.

  3. Mark says:

    Tony’s Book: Good luck.

    Terry Pratchett + Riddick movies: I’ve no idea what you’re talking about with this but I like the sound of it. And from further listening to this episode, I’m guessing this is more discussion about your book or a new story you’re going to write and if so I’m going to go ahead and request a review copy now as that sounds right up my alley.

    Justice League: I’ve decided I’ll give this movie a shot…. someday…. when it hits Netflix… I guess.

    Thor Ragnarok: Yup.

    D&D: As a pick-up game, D&D can be done but it’s not a great fit for that type of gaming. Also, I’m with Tony; there’s nothing wrong with D&D but then again there’s nothing right with it either. There are much better systems out there now. Though with that said, I don’t think the system William plays matters that much to him; so much as the story being told.

    • William says:

      Yeah, I think you’re right about that, Mark, re: the system doesn’t matter much to me. I do think it’s cool when a system is inventive… like when a game that’s set in the Wild West uses playing cards as a mechanic… that sort of thing… and systems that incentivize cooperation and bold, surprising solutions to problems. But these are things that just make it easier for the players to put on the table what they’ve already brought with them.

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