Episode 349 : Basically, Oddwings

This episode, we mostly talk about Tony’s book. William read it and edited it, so we can finally talk about it! And we do. At length. Plus a little other stuff, but mostly that. So, hopefully you’re into that. Also, this is part 1 of 2, because Thanksgiving. Enjoy!


What do you think of the trend towards Ajay’s listening devices such as that Amazon Alex device?  –Craig


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2 Responses to Episode 349 : Basically, Oddwings

  1. Craig says:

    Actually up to date for once. I think the Ajay’s was meant to be always on that somehow got badly autocorrected but you got the jist of the question. As for signature no it’s not automatic and if I wanted it to be anonymous I’d just leave it off.

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:

      Yeah, I was looking at it later, and realized it was probably “always” that got autocorrected.

      Good to know about the Sig. I think a lot of your questions got marked anonymous, due to uncertainty.

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