Episode 340 : Mystery Episode 39

I don’t even know. You know that. Enjoy!



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One Response to Episode 340 : Mystery Episode 39

  1. Beth says:

    Tony, your concept of wanting people to mind their own business (as in the case of the religious fundamentalists wanting to evangelize homosexuals) is in conflict with your desire to want to “fix” situations where people are being hurt. Travel down the acceptance spectrum really far to the right; if the religious fundamentalists see what homosexuals are doing as causing harm (in this case, to themselves/their soul/the other half of their coupling/etc.) and because they see that as harm, they want to be involved and do what is possible to intervene in this situation they perceive as harmful? If so, that’s fundamentally the same reaction to a trigger that you’re speaking about wanting to act on (although the trigger is different).

    I struggle with this, too. Why can’t everyone just mind their own business and let everyone else mind theirs? The answer I keep coming back to, is that we really aren’t letting people mind theirs – we arrest and prosecute rapists, pedophiles, prostitutes, murderers, drug dealers, etc. we’re doing this because they’ve committed acts that society views as crimes, yet there was something inside that person driving them to do that act. Therein lies our problem, we prosecute what society considers wrong. How should what’s “wrong” be decided? Who sets the standard for when someone is hurt by a particular act?

    Big questions, and I don’t have the answers, I don’t know if anyone does, but I wanted you to try looking at this from a little different perspective to see if that changes your perception.

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