Episode 326 : Mystery Episode 37

Dammit, we’d hoped to talk a lot of Wonder Woman, and catch up on the previous two weeks. But fate has conspired against us, and you’re stuck with the goatee crew from the Evil Universe. Enjoy!


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One Response to Episode 326 : Mystery Episode 37

  1. Mark says:

    I thought they were called mystery episodes because nobody can figure out how they were able to get you to keep doing them.

    Coffee pun: I cannot espresso how much this bothered me.

    Zero gravity english muffins? I would presume it crumbles much less, which could be most yummy.

    Secretly write the Hat? Not that can be proven one way or another.

    Can DC ever make another good film? Wonder Woman shows they can; but from the trailers for Justice League, that might be the exception that proved the rule.

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