Episode 325 : Doughy White Guys

Part two of two. We catch you up on the things we forgot from the last episode, and then get to some questions. Oh, and for once, Azuretalon says something pretty funny! Enjoy!



My dudes! Wouldn’t it be a better show if Jamie Fox hosted “Can You Beat Kazaam?” Just genie garbed Shaq having spelling bees and eating contests, etc?                                     –Azure…wait for it…Talon!

When have you compromised your sense of honor? –Cawfee

What tribal traditions and rituals do you continue for yourself and your family?                –Cawfee



Here is what we watched between episodes.


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7 Responses to Episode 325 : Doughy White Guys

  1. Courtenay says:

    Yep. Everyone loves bears. Bears, Beets, and battle star Gallactica.
    And I was going to say has anyone checked on Jim Miller? One of my favorite Millers.

    Eagerly waiting for Wonder Woman updates.

  2. jas says:

    Stephen Miller! Though I don’t think he was broken by 9/11. If you can stand reading it, Vanity Fair has a piece about how Miller made his name in the Duke Lacrosse players rape scandal. Weirdly it also mentions that Miller was obsessed with Captain Kirk as a kid–seeing him as the “alpha male” that he wanted to model himself on. This seems to me to be a misreading of Kirk, but it does seem to be the way a lot of people read him. Also read an interesting piece a couple weeks ago about how our culture misreads and misremembers Kirk as a character because we’re all trained to look for alpha male behavior in our heroes (or something like that).

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:

      I was talking about Dennis Miller.


      Who’s Stephen Miller?

      • jas says:

        Yeah, I know. I was just adding on to the list of problematic Millers. Stephen Miller is one of the Nazi wannabes in the WH. He’s the one who said about the travel ban and the court’s rejection of it, that in the future people will see that the President’s power will not be questioned.

  3. Mark says:

    Rogue One: Peter “CGI” Cushing looked good? It wasn’t as bad as the CGI Carrie Fisher, but calling it good is still a bit of a stretch.

    Wonder Woman woo!

    Labor/Memorial Day: It’s not just you Tony.

    Shazam: Pretty much any of your suggestions sound more interesting than the actual show you mentioned.

    Last time you broke your code of honor: Tony, this song’s for you! Also, I have great trouble with the idea of William losing his temper.

    Physical intimidation: Yup.

    Getting a tattoo: I’ve thought about doing this but I’ve never been able to decide on something I’d want permanently want marked on my body. Plus, getting one would mean I’d have to take a year off from donating blood.

    Tuttle: I’m with William; I don’t remember him being particularly hairy.

  4. Beth says:

    I agree with Mark on the Labor/Memorial day thing AND on the tattoo thing, except I don’t care as much about giving up giving blood.

    Can you beat Kazaam? – the show with Shaquile O’Neill IS the show I thought you were first discussing on the podcast a few weeks ago. I agree, I think it would be a better show than guessing songs faster than an app.

    I didn’t swear as a kid, but I had a friend whose mom would yell at me if she heard me say “crap” or “hell” (never mind I’d heard her and her kids say worse!). In reflecting on it, I’m not sure I ever did anything that quite met with her approval, despite being a self-proclaimed (and commented on by others) “good kid.”

    William, I hope this helps: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=915&q=obama+baby+pope&oq=obama+baby+pope&gs_l=img.3..0j0i30k1l3j0i5i30k1l2j0i8i30k1l4.1610.5398.0.6463.….0…1.1.64.img..1.19.1374.0.jv4LtajC4FE#imgrc=j6RVjxnHfYC_bM:

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