Episode 316 : This I Plomise You

Lots of media, but also a little politics. Nothing scary, though, just little stuff. Mostly. And a lot of talk about trust and honesty. You’ll like it, I plomise. Enjoy!



Dear hat… Do you think all the Alt National Parks folks would let us camp for free?          –Sue Klaus

What’s the most important promise you’ve ever made to yourself? –Cawfee


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5 Responses to Episode 316 : This I Plomise You

  1. William says:

    I promise that I’ll click the “Post Comment” button as soon as I finish typing this comment.

  2. jas says:

    John 3:16

    OK, so now I’m really curious about whether the original wording is “only begotten son,” ’cause the first thing I thought of, is, “so there’s another son, only he wasn’t begotten”? And then I thought, hey, maybe that’s true. Adam is the other son–the one who wasn’t begotten because there wasn’t any begatting until he messed up. Then he messed up and you needed begatting because, no more immortality! And you need a second son who cleans up the whole begatting mess, by being begotten (but with none of the messy part).

    • William says:

      Well… the way I stated the verse mixed up various translations… the translations that usually say things like, “whosoever believeth in him” also usually have the “begotten” in there. The versions that omit “begotten” also say “believes” instead of “believeth”.

      I consciously omitted the “begotten” bit because I intended to offer a “modern” translation, then I slipped into something closer to the King James Version near the end.


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