Episode 313 : Stuffed Crust Pizza

Television, vivisection, and love! What more could you ask for? Does anyone even read these descriptions? Also, Tony is just coming off of being really sick, so lots of coughs and sniffles. Sorry. Enjoy!



What is it that you love? Did your most recent actions express this love? –Cawfee

What is a difficult part of world building when writing a story? –Jas


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  1. jas says:

    Legion: I am finding that show very disturbing, mostly because of the mental illness stuff, but also because of the unreliable narration. I also read the Wiki about the character and that, plus some of the hints in the show, have given me a very bad feeling about what might be coming up .

    Tony’s comment about Raymond Chandler reminded me of a Dashiell Hammett quote about the lack of realistic detail in a lot of detective fiction: “A pistol, in order to be a revolver, must have something on it that revolves.”

    I’m on Spring Break at the moment and this has allowed me to binge watch a couple of shows on Netflix. So I watched the first season of “Hap and Leonard” which reminded me a lot of Fargo. It was also one of those shows where I thought–hey this is playing against race/sexuality tropes–and at the same time, wondered whether there were certain race/gender tropes it was playing into. And, kind of along the same lines, was watching an older series called “Terriers”–which is great as a detective fiction narrative and a male buddy (older/younger) story, but I’m watching it kinda wanting the women to be the main characters (though, I’d have to say, the female characters on this show are excellent).

  2. jas says:

    Hey, what was the video series the you guys were referring to about people watching?

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:

      It’s some animated videos found under Cracked’s Youtube feed.

      There are three of them so far, and they’re all fairly recent, and with a very distinctive art style. If you go to Youtube and list the videos in the Cracked channel, they should be easy to spot. The first is about speed dating, the second is a non-religious confessional, and the third is… *sigh*… about death being “scientifically” bullshit.

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