Episode 305 : Mystery Episode 34

We were about 3/4 of the way through a decent episode, mostly involving farming, Suicide Squad, and 80s sitcoms. Then the software blew up. We couldn’t recover it, and we didn’t have time to record a new one, because Tony has to pack for a trip!

Luckily, the Powers What Is pulled those evil counterparts back just in time. So here’s a mysterious episode. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Episode 305 : Mystery Episode 34

  1. William says:

    Must have been the full moon on Friday-the-Thirteenth Eve.

    Too bad I don’t actually know any hillbilly granny-magic…

    • William says:

      Ah… another big Seventh-day Adventist thing we were taught that many Methodists that we knew weren’t taught: Only adults should be baptized, not babies or children too young to know what the ritual means. Mom and Dad didn’t have us baptized as infants, but in our teens we all went through a “confirmation” process and were baptized in special ceremonies then. Later, I decided that baptism by immersion was more “proper” and my baptism into the SDA church was by that method (the only method the SDAs use).

      When I say I came to the realization that I’m actually still a Methodist, but a “big tent” kind of Methodist, I meant… well, for example, a person can get baptized by immersion in the Methodist church if they want to, if they believe it’s important. Methodists allow a range of beliefs on the topic, just like how they weren’t at all bothered by my folks allowing us kids to figure out for ourselves if and when and how we’d be baptized. Also, I’ve never known a Methodist who would object to my SDA-like beliefs regarding death, Hell, or the Sabbath (which I still keep from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday — it’s about not working (for pay) and not otherwise dealing with money (no buying or selling) for 24 hours, and it’s awesome… it’s not particularly about when one attends church, so it’s not violated by, say, not attending a church on Saturday or by attending a church on any day other than Saturday). On the other hand, you can’t be an SDA unless you believe the things that I do (or slightly more strict versions of what I believe) about death, Hell, Sabbath, and the proper rules of Christian baptism. The Methodists aren’t so picky on these points and neither am I, however much I might agree with the SDAs about them. So, really, that makes me more of a Methodist than an SDA, that attitude of mine where *for me* certain beliefs about death, Hell, Sabbath, and baptism make sense, but I’m cool with others — even others in my own church — believing different things than I do.

      At least, that’s how I feel about all of this stuff right now. And that’s what I was trying to say near the end of the podcast there…

      Not that I’m guessing anyone cares, but… y’all know me… I hate when I don’t think I was clear about something!

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