Episode 292 : The K Sound is Funny!

Part 2 of 2. As often happens in these marathon recording sessions, Tony gets a little loopy. Talks about stuff he’s pretty sure he talked about before. But then we get into deeper stuff, again. Enjoy!


What does friendship mean to you? –Cawfee


Here’s the video we watched in between episodes.


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5 Responses to Episode 292 : The K Sound is Funny!

  1. jas says:

    Herschell Gordon Lewis is the director of those two really bad horror movies that my Dad (and a lot of other family members) were involved in, “Blood Feast” and “Color Me Blood Red.” I didn’t know, until reading the obituary, that he and Dave Friedman (who was my Dad’s friend) had first made these “nudie” pictures, but had branched into horror as another way to show bodies (and not get the movies banned). I did know that all the women in “Blood Feast” were Playboy bunnies.

    My Dad met Dave Friedman when he was a producer on “The Greatest Show on Earth” and then my Dad worked for him for a little while as the “lecturer” who accompanied these movies that were supposed to be sex education films. My Dad lectured under the name Dr. Elliot Forbes, which I always find hilarious.

    My favorite line from the obituary was a bit of copy from one of their early “nudie” films: “a positive plethora of pulchritude,” with “prized and prime princesses pleasingly, provocatively and prismatically presented for your pleasure and profit.”


    • jas says:

      Oh yeah, Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: A Love Story” actually begins with the “warning teaser” from “Bloodfeast.”

  2. jas says:

    I really like all the Netflix Marvel shows. I would say that “Jessica Jones” is the best one though by far–intensely difficult to watch, however.

    I’m finding “Luke Cage” to have a really enjoyable atmosphere–if that’s the right word. The music, the pacing, the acting–all good. I do think there’s an homage to Shaft to some extent, though I don’t find it racist and and the African-American cultural commentators I’ve heard talking about it seem to like it. I did read somewhere that the lead actor specifically asked to wear a hoodie modeled on Trayvon Martin’s hoodie, and one of the main things I’ve heard people say is that it is empowering to see a powerful looking black man who might be stereotyped a “thug” and therefore be the victim of violence, be portrayed as physically invulnerable.

  3. jas says:

    “The ‘K’ sound is funny” reminds me of the “bouba/kiki effect.”


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