Episode 278 : Disgusting Hat

Tonight, we catch up on a lot of TV and gaming. Then Craig ruins everything, and makes us mad. Then we’re mad. Don’t worry, not at each other. Enjoy!



What was the last thing that disgusted you? –Craig


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6 Responses to Episode 278 : Disgusting Hat

  1. jas says:

    The Tilda Swinton characters in “Hail Caesar” are supposed to be Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons, I think. You can especially tell with the Hopper/gossip columnist character because of the anti-communist stuff. I saw Hail Caesar in the theatre, and then a week or so later, saw “Trumbo” and remember thinking how odd it was to have seen Hedda Hopper (or a Hedda Hopper stand-in) in two movies in a row.

  2. jas says:

    The Frank Langella “Dracula” also had a romance between Dracula and the Mina character (though in this version–they switched the names so the Mina character is called Lucy). This wasn’t cause she reminded him of his ex-wife though. Actually I think the romance in that one is kind of intertwined with the feminist message–Dracula and Lucy are both marginal to the patriarchal characters who represent 19th century science and medicine.

    There’s a pretty good article about that “Dracula” linked below which mentions that it was one of many uses of horror/sci-fi on behalf of feminism in the ’70s.


  3. jas says:

    An African-American Female police officer video-taped a very emotional response to Alton Sterling’s death in which she calls out her fellow officers and also pleads with the African-American community to unite and stop killing each other.

  4. Angela Lambertz says:

    I agree with William about the American culture becoming all fire…the room for rational conversation seems to have been pushed out. I hope this will turnaround back to rationalism in my lifetime. Maybe we can vote out the majority of Congress…

  5. Mark says:

    Rice-crispy treats: Wow, now there’s a fact that I don’t recall.

    The only podcast: If Tony used this line before either I’ve completely forgotten or it happened during my “time-off” from listening.

    Edge of the Empire: Wahoo! 😀

    Linda Carter in FO4: Wow, I totally missed that!

    Elementary: We’ve started watching this from the beginning thanks to Hulu. It’s not been as bad as I vaguely recall.

    Making RPG Characters: That’s very cool of you Tony.

    Time spent being disgusted/outraged: I don’t think I could stand thinking about this, at least until after the 2016 elections are over.

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