Episode 270 : Writer’s Workshop

Yes, this week we talk a lot about writing. Tony’s got his book, William’s got his TV show, and both are coming along swimmingly! Also the usual update on TV, movies, video games, and whatever else popped into our head. Enjoy!



If you were growing up today do you think you would have an easier or harder time than when you actually grew up? –Jasmine


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10 Responses to Episode 270 : Writer’s Workshop

  1. William says:

    I think I said “1881” at one point in talking about my project rather than “1831”… I hate when that happens.

  2. William says:

    Wow… this is one of those podcasts where I listen and think, “Why did I just keep talking and talking and talking…”


  3. jas says:

    This is kind of on my mind ’cause I was just experiencing it with a friend of mine–generally I find that when people have to think of themselves as incapable of making mistakes, it’s not because they want to see themselves as better than anyone else, it’s more like, whenever they see themselves as contributing to a problem, they then translate that into being the entire cause of the problem. In the people that I know, the resistance to seeing one’s flaws is mostly ’cause to admit a flaw doesn’t translate into “I’m human” it translates into “I am the lowest of the low; people shouldn’t even associate with me.”

  4. jas says:

    I thought of this question because I was thinking about it in relation to myself. I think I would have been much more comfortable, and had much more of a feeling of belonging if I grew up now, than when I did grow up.

    • William says:

      The more I’ve thought about this question, the more I feel I’d have had the opposite feeling… as a kid growing up today, I’d feel far more lonely and alienated than I felt in the time I did grow up.

      • jas says:

        Well, it is hard to tell, ’cause there are so many factors, but for myself, I felt pretty lonely and alienated when I was growing up and with the technology now available, I find a lot more people like me. I think there’s more acceptance of people like me (if I can even precisely define that). But if I were to point to two things it would be the growing acceptance of a kind of nerdy/comicbook culture, and of girls in particular not having to fit into traditional roles. Why do you think you’d feel the opposite?

        • William says:

          Yeah, I can definitely see how that could be true for you.


          I think I’d feel the opposite because I am, really, the opposite. I didn’t feel particularly lonely or alienated when I was a kid, but, in part thanks to modern media, I feel incredibly lonely and alienated now.

          A whole other interesting question is… would I have somehow been better off growing up now, or worse off? Maybe having a harder time growing up would have been good for me. I don’t really know.

  5. jas says:

    Just a clarification ’cause Will said he would have been depressed if he had known more about the things his friends were doing. I’m not saying that that isn’t depression (’cause I’m not sure what Will was talking about, about his subjective experience), but reacting to sad things with sadness is really a normal reaction. Depression can hit without any event that someone else would describe as sad, and it’s more like everything is awful, bleak, or empty of purpose regardless of the reality.

  6. Mark says:

    Egg-laying: How big an egg are we talking? Caviar or ostrich?

    William’s Big Project: Sounds delightfully pulpy. 🙂

    Keanu: Dang, I was hoping to hear it was a more enjoyable film than that.

    Making art/shows/writing representative: Maybe I missed you covering this thought, but does the creator have to spell out their representation of various groups or is it acceptable (possibly better?) to remove all specifics so the consumer of your creation can imagine/assume whatever representation they want?

    In almost every way, growing up today would be more painful and difficult for me than when I did. The one thing that might have helped is the ease & speed of communication today. Since I moved around so much as a kid, being able to keep in touch with friends via IM would have been a god-send (much better than writing snail mail).

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