Episode 241 : Mystery Episode 25

This episode isn’t THAT mysterious this week. Tony’s recovering from an illness. But it’s STILL coming through from an alternate universe! What more do you want? Enjoy!



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2 Responses to Episode 241 : Mystery Episode 25

  1. Azuretalon says:

    I had a weird scent/memory moment but in reverse when I first hit the university hospital icu. I was getting a ton of stuff done, scared and in pain. And all of a sudden I was hit with three smells all at once. Sweat, motor oil, and Camels cigarettes. My dad’s smell from when I was little. He had been dead about 6 months at the time. I calmed down right away. Not sure why I was hit with those smells, couldn’t have been real in an ICU.

  2. Mark says:

    Missing a penny: Wow, that’s amazing but now I can’t pay you for your thoughts.

    Nobody cares: Wow, even for auWilliam that seemed harsh.

    Scents: Wow that’s some intense thinking about/of your dad.

    Celestial events: I’m interested in a general way. Meaning I’d be happy to pay attention if somebody brings it to my attention, but I don’t go search out these events.

    Praying to Bacon: Why would one ever feel shame at praying to the $Deity of meats?

    Something about tacos and maybe zombie burger? Tony’s voice suddenly started drifting in and out. Not sure what was going on, did Tony forget to lean towards the microphone once food arrived.

    Regret life choices: Only rarely do I go back to re-evaluate my choices; so generally no. The more you two chat about this; it sounds like you might be counting basically any decision/choice in your life as a “life choice”; while I took the question to refer to big and/or highly important choices (relationship, job, living location, religion, etc).

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