Episode 233 : William the Unwilling Butler

We managed to talk about nothing, for about an hour. I know that sounds pretty normal, but really, this one just went crazy. Cryptids, news outlets, and a police showdown right outside the window! Enjoy!


What do you think of al-Jazeera? –Anonymous


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4 Responses to Episode 233 : William the Unwilling Butler

  1. William says:

    Oh, and American Gothic, while produced by Sam Raimi, was created by Shaun Cassidy. Yes, that Shaun Cassidy.

  2. jas says:

    The theory Will was referring to (not mine btw) is that in the 19th century you start getting a lot of stories in which the individual reader is addressed as if they are the lead investigator of a case. And that construction of the reader is part of an ideology of surveillance that promises that if you are in the position of investigator, you are not yourself subject to investigation (which is, of course, a false promise).

    • William says:

      Right, that’s the one. 🙂

      I wonder how much that notion contributes to the success of certain detective TV shows. I mean, I doubt folks watching think of themselves as “the lead investigator”, but, as a viewer, they surely feel as though they’re at least as “objective” as the character who’s ostensibly the lead investigator. As a TV viewer — not actually there, not actually embroiled in the drama — they can surely put themselves on the same investigative level as the cool-headed detective who *is* embroiled in the drama, but nevertheless sees through all of the emotion, horror, and deception to arrive at the truth.

      Or maybe, as usual, I have no idea what I’m talking about. 🙂

  3. Mark says:

    You’ve not had anybody pulled over before, but I vaguely recall a firetruck going by at least once; so you’ve got that going for you.

    Food delivery: If we got more details on what was being delivered then it might be a more popular segment.

    William the unwilling butler: It’s an ok segment, but I like it better when the Producer is yelling at you. :p

    Check ID: That’s really odd.

    Paranormal Investigation: I personally know people who are big fans of this stuff (go to conventions, have taken classes, etc.). I don’t believe in it; so it can make for some awkward conversations.

    Archer reference FTW!

    Mean-spirited humor: Sometimes it’s funny to me, but mostly not.

    Killjoys: Amanda Tapping’s in it? Huh, interesting. We’ve not gotten that far into the show yet.

    al-Jazeera News: *shrug* I’ve got their main news RSS feed in my feedreader but ignore read them about as much as any of the American news.

    Hail Hydra? Careful or I’m calling in the Cavalry!

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