Episode 224 : I Really Thought More Had Happened..

We do a little catch up this week, though not as much as expected. Then an in-depth look at Disney, followed by some words that Hard Hat #1 made up. Enjoy!


*indicates a question was abridged

Do you prefer modern Disney or classic Disney? –Anonymous

Dear CTDMoTMTH, What’s in your EDC (Everyday Carry)? [Wikipedia link]                     –Mark McKibben

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2 Responses to Episode 224 : I Really Thought More Had Happened..

  1. jas says:

    Just started watching sense8 and liked the first ep. a lot. It seems to weirdly coincide with themes of identity in my favorite show at the moment, “Steven Universe,” which, being a kids show of course has a lot not in common as well. If interested in how that sort of stuff is showing up in kids TV these days I’d recommend this interview with the creator, Rebecca Sugar: http://io9.com/steven-universe-guidebook-spills-the-secrets-of-the-cry-1704470546.

    And also this article about why Steven Universe is a great show: http://io9.com/why-i-fell-in-love-with-the-brilliant-steven-universe-1711666770?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

  2. Mark says:

    Personal Demons: I keep mine locked up with my mind, so I never lose them. Are you saying that I should let them out some times?

    Event planning servants: What events have you planned for The Magical Talking Hat lately?

    Hearing loss: Yup, I’ve frequently felt the same way but I’ve not gotten checked yet.

    Edamame: Yuck.

    Classic vs. Modern Disney: How old does something have to be to get considered Classic? If you define it as anything made by Disney before they merged with Pixar, then I’ll vote Modern.

    The Emperor’s New Groove: Yup, that’s Disney.

    Patrick MacNee: Thanks for making me sad all over again Tony.

    Wait a minute: Your version of reality deosn’t support weblinking? How lame. Also, now that we’re not on a note card; here’s some links that you can look at: Everyday Carry | Wikipedia and/or Everyday Carry.

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