Episode 219 : Misanthropy

Tony’s in a bad mood, so… he seems about the same as usual. But we’ve got plants! And toys! And SPACE! Enjoy!



Hello masters of the non-sequitur! How does your garden grow? And if you don’t have one yet, what would you plant? –Sue Klaus, Still at ASI

What three toys would you take with you to space if you live on the Space Station for a year? –Cawfee


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2 Responses to Episode 219 : Misanthropy

  1. Beth says:

    Believe it or not Tony, there are no stairs on ISS, so you couldn’t even TRY to make your slinky go down them. I’ve been in the training ISS in Houston and can report: there are no stairs.

    As for toys you guys would like to take to the space station: kinetic sand.

    Also, your Hitler theory is interesting. Maybe William could explore it in his next project?

  2. Mark says:

    Hello Vietnam: Robin Williams you’re not, but then he’s dead so that’s probably a good thing.

    No, female robot? Awww….

    The Shadow: Oooooo! I love the old radio shows and would definitely be interested in listening to your take on this in the future. 🙂

    Mellow Mushroom: I saw that this was going into Coral Ridge last time I was down that way, from your descriptions I don’t see myself going in there to eat.

    Tony: Sticks are ammo! Also your mic cut out on you repeatedly; it was very annoying.

    Gardening: Michelle’s parents came up, helped her clean up our garden, and planted a bunch of new fruits and veg. Though the grass and weeds are trying to take it back over already. *sigh*

    Good pears are a delight, but hard to find. Probably doesn’t help that I like fresh pears to be crisp when you bite into them which tends to mean they’re slightly underripe and that’s very hard to find around here.

    A hot dog tree sounds good until you think about the animals that it would attract to your yard.

    Nerf guns in space sounds awesome.

    Marbles: Maybe have magnets built into them?

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