Episode 218 : Connecticut Dungeon Masters

You did it! Yes, you saved the Hat. Well done, all. It’s been, technically, three weeks since we got together, so there’s a lot of catching up. Tony keeps remembering new things, throughout, and William just lets him talk. Then we hate on Azuretalon (as usual), and talk about old murder mysteries (as usual). Enjoy!



Dear Human-Hatipede, At least questions will be more timely now right?                             –Azuretalon with three exclaimation points that are written out instead of typed as a exclaimation points symbol

Dear CTDMoTMTH, Imagine a god inserts you into a mystery series, which series would you most want to avoid? –Mark McKibben

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9 Responses to Episode 218 : Connecticut Dungeon Masters

  1. Azuretalon says:

    Sorry I haven’t kept everyone up to date, I have had a hard time talking about myself so much. It was weird having such a fan club. I had the total brain tumor mass down to about 10% after the new version of CNS Lymphoma treatment they put me on. We went ahead and did the Bone Marrow transplant in Feb. of ’14. Two days off of my transplant day, we finalized my adoption of my daughter also. I wasn’t there for it being locked up in quarantine in the hospital, but I got pictures and videos. I’m back to work full time now, and celebrated both of our 1 years this February. I just had an MRI today for my brain and there is still nothing there! (a tired joke, I know) I was still getting seen and scanned every 3 months, 4 months out will be my next one. As of today I got my interval spread out. I am about 5 months into getting all my vaccinations redone, since that’s a thing since the BMT tanked my immune system. I have possible necrosis in my right hip from the steroids, getting an MRI on that tomorrow to figure out further plans there.

    We did get moved to a home that is a better fit for our family, which we were working on and had to back burner before I got sick both times.

    Thanks to the MTH community for the friendship and support, and again sorry I haven’t kept everyone updated. Like I said, it was weird being the focus of so much attention and I didn’t want to be “that guy” talking about it all the time.

  2. jas says:

    Great to hear! Thanks for the update, good luck with the MRI tomorrow–hope there aren’t too many repercussions of treatment to deal with.

  3. jas says:

    Speaking of how awful the DC universe in TV/film can be, have either of you seen the trailers for Supergirl?

    I’m hoping that Legends will be better.

    Mad Max just got one of the most glowing reviews I’ve ever seen in The Boston Globe.

  4. Beth says:

    Azuretalon – I only know you through the podcast, but I’m really glad to hear you’re doing so well!

    Tony – if you didn’t have such an aversion to some types of crime shows, you would have had the thread that tied several topics tonight together: Patricia Arquette appeared on an episode of Law and Order: SVU playing a 45-55 year old prostitute. In the episode, the viewer hears, although does not see her during a transaction. Thus Patricia Arquette has earned and played a do-able role for the 50ish crowd. Although the party with Julia Louis-Dreyfus does sound fun.

  5. Mark says:

    Iron Man movies:3 was ok, but definitely not my favorite; I think the first one them was likely the best.

    Age of Ultron: Yup, Spader nailed it. As for Black Widow captured, given that she was sending info back to the rest of the team; I took that to be somewhat deliberate on her part (part of the whole spy-thing).

    Mad Max: I’ve seen it, but I appear to be in the minority on this one; as I didn’t care for it. The visuals were great and there were many good individual scenes in it, but the movie was a whole felt very disjointed.

    Breaking Bad (what I’ve watched) is amazing, but so damn dark that I really have to be in the right mood to watch it and then I can only stand to watch so much before it gets too depressing.

    Mad Men (again what I’ve seen) is an interesting period piece, but I got tired of seeing Don Draper (male lead) self-destruct and none of the other characters (who were more interesting) were getting enough screen time to make up for Draper’s problems.

    Usage of the word “tranny”: The only non-negative usage of this term that I’ve heard is when it’s been used as slang for automobile’s transmission.

    Amy Schumer: Eh, I’ve watched some her stuff on Hulu; it’s ok but nothing outstanding. Nothing I’ve seen watching her show strikes me as being particularly feminist/anti-feminist.

    If you lot don’t remember what you were talking about from my comments, maybe I should just start making stuff up.

    CTDMoTMTH = Corporeal Third Dimensional Manipulators of the Magical Talking Hat.

    As for my actual question, William was correct the thrust of my pointed question was that you’d actually be living in that mystery series.

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