Episode 212 : Mystery Episode 21

Let’s get a little evil, folks! We’re not able to fulfill our normal duties as… Hatbourne? Hattendents? Whatever. So the guys from the evil universe mysteriously step in again. Enjoy!


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5 Responses to Episode 212 : Mystery Episode 21

  1. jas says:

    Dream question was mine.

    Most of the time when I dream, I’m either outside of the dream altogether as if I’m watching a movie, or when I’m in the dream, I’m a character in the dream story–not me. So I do have the experience of being a different gender, but not quite in the same way that Will was describing. It’s not like I see a mirror and realize that I’m male; it’s that I’ve always been male because that’s who my character in the dream is. When I’m a character, I still sometimes switch into a 3rd person perspective and see myself from outside. The one or two times I’ve had lucid dreaming experiences, it was kind of like I was the director or the person running the camera–nope don’t like that, rewind it, and start over.

    The times when I am me that I most remember is either when I’m dreaming about something I’m anxious about, or dreaming about someone close to me who has died. And then I’m usually trying to figure out some explanation of how the person can still be alive.

    Flying feels very much like you guys were describing, but with me there’s also a kind of swimming feeling–like I’m pushing against the air. And it does feel very possible–like there were muscles involved and if I could just retain that muscle memory…

  2. jas says:

    I pretty much agreed with all the Presidential assessments, especially Jackson and Carter.

    I recently watched that Ken Burns documentary on the Roosevelts and Teddy surprised me by being a much more sympathetic figure than I had thought of before.

    One funny thing about kids being influenced their parents’ politics. I live in a very liberal town. When my son was little and George W. was president, I would sometimes hear kids making him into the villain in some make-believe on the playground.

  3. jas says:

    I’m curious as to why William thinks of 40 as adult or what adult means.

    I sometimes have conversations with my brother about how we don’t feel like we fit with our peers at any age. Right now, our peer age group seems to want to talk a lot about their investments and their “stuff” (acquiring it, taking care of it, selling it, etc.)

    I remember thinking I was an adult when I was about 16 or 17. But I also think that when I was 3 or 4, I didn’t see myself as belonging to some different category than my parents. I probably didn’t start thinking of myself as a kid, until I went to school, and there were different rules for people of different ages. I remember being very confused by the idea that certain books in the library were in the “adult” section and others were “kids books.”

    • William says:

      I have no idea why 40 was some kind of “magic age” for me to think a person is an adult at and after that age. When I first became aware of my parents’ ages, they were in their 30s, but they always seemed like they were kids compared to their uncles, aunts, and parents. All of those folks, though, were in their 50s or older, so… I don’t know.

      I suppose the deference my parents paid to nearly everyone older than them sent me the message that you don’t stop being a kid just because you have them. When your kids have kids, though, then it’s a different story. And then somehow I got it into my head that 40 is about the age a person might reasonably become a grandparent, so… maybe that’s how it all played out in my mind.

  4. Mark says:

    Getting questions more than once: Perhaps because the questions are pulled entirely at random and there’s no easily consultable list of the previously asked questions? Or maybe the Magical Talking Hat pulls questions from all time periods not just the present?

    How long have I felt like an adult:? Maybe 6 years or so? It’s a combination of being married, owning a home, noticing that the new stuff coming out isn’t marketed specifically at me and realizing any new co-workers I meet seem to be getting younger and younger.

    Dreams: I don’t remember my dreams. Though there are several dreams I’ve had more than once and of those, most seem like-real, a couple were animated (mostly hand-drawn cells though at least one was CG).

    Lucid dreaming: On a couple of extremely rare occasions, I remember my dreams and recall that I knew I was dreaming while doing so but have never had control over what was happening.

    Saturday Morning Cartoons: What no mention of the Thundercats? *sigh* Kids today can’t seem to remember all</em of the crap classics that we used to watch.

    Favorite President: Yup, always been interested in Teddy Roosevelt but never been a big enough student of history to read up on all the US presidents (beyond what school required). Not sure I could honestly pick a favorite, or most hated, .president.

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