Episode 203 : Lou Ferrigno as Uncle Bobby

It’s desert island time! Everyone loves desert island time! Also, some talk about TV and movies. Actually, most of the talk is that. But also desert island time. Not dessert. Desert. And Gilbert Godfried. Enjoy!


Desert island time — who would you take with you if you had to be stranded on one?        –Anonymous

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One Response to Episode 203 : Lou Ferrigno as Uncle Bobby

  1. Mark says:

    Why do you have this outrageous accent, you silly podcasters?

    Maybe you could train Twiglet not to like drinking from the tub by always turning it on full blast?

    Old friends? Any body I would know?

    Corridor Gaming: It’s ok, for us, that you didn’t go this time as we didn’t make it either.

    Does Mark still listen? Yes, but as noted in a previous comment, I’m wicked far behind. My current plan is to get caught up from episode 200 and when caught up from there, go back and listen/comment on all the older episodes I’ve missed.

    William: Sorry to hear your week at this time wasn’t so good.

    Tony: Interesting idea that your life has to be extra cool to make you care about Facebook. I tend to think of it the other way round. Also nice to hear that life is good.

    When we worked together: I liked most of the people, I liked some of the work, but I was so very happy to get out there by the end.

    Dresden Files: Book 6 is Blood Rites, not Blood Lines. I wouldn’t generally know that off the top of my head, but I recently started rereading the series and finished that over the weekend. Having just read Dead Beat, I have to agree that it’s my favorite so far. In part because it touches on enough parts of Chicago that I’m familiar with I can easily picture everything that happens.

    Attack the Block: I had a good time with that movie, but don’t recall having problems with audio/dialogue. I’m not familiar with modern/inner-city, British slang, but got the idea behind what they were saying from the context.

    Wait, the Star Wars Episode 7 storm trooper was in Attack the Block? That’s cool and news to me.

    Producer + Gangs: Maybe the Hatters are all fam with the Producer…

    Chaos/Robo Kittens FTW! 🙂 Also cat 2 sounds more like Marvin the Paranoid Android from HHGttG.

    Hopefully the new iPod has been turned on at least once by now….

    William: If you’re always listening to the episode from a year ago, then maybe you should start the project of documenting the questions and guest stars on the prior episodes.

    Who would I take with me to be stranded on a desert island? Umm, Superman? That way he could fly us off the island and be home in time for dinner. *grin*

    Producer: I’m going to have to agree with Tony and say you should stop visiting those Internet sites. *shudder*

    Forgotten pants? Yikes, I’ve gone to work extremely distracted and tired but never THAT distracted/tired.

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