Episode 202 : Evolutionary Psychology

Part two from last week. A lot of things make Tony and William angry this time… but then they deal with it by having a fight to the death! Are you not entertained?!? Enjoy!


What was the last movie you walked out of before it had finished?  — Craig

Ladies, You must fight each other to the death. What tactics do you anticipate your opponent will use?  — The Producer

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One Response to Episode 202 : Evolutionary Psychology

  1. Mark says:

    Orange: LOL

    Power of Flight: Interesting, tell me more.

    Fight to the death: So William kills Tony by forcing him to run until Tony keels over?

    Last movie that you walked out on: Not sure? I don’t recall ever giving up on a movie that I paid to see in the theater. Movies I watch at home I tend to be much more ruthless with and quite watching at the drop of a hat.

    Dave Sim: Dang-nabbit, I have fond memories of reading bits of Cerebus back in high-school/early college but never ran across his views on feminism. *sigh* I hate it when I find out the creators of works I’ve enjoyed are wack jobs.

    Ha-Ha, you didn’t get kicked off the internet!

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