Episode 172 : Mystery Episode 16

It’s another alternate-dimensional Mystery Episode. Where’d it come from? No clue. What do they talk about? I dunno. Is it any good? No, of course not. But hey, we’ll probably have another YouTube video up today! Enjoy!


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5 Responses to Episode 172 : Mystery Episode 16

  1. jas says:

    Cool conversation about fidelity vs. authenticity.

    Pet names – I think mine have always been named for someone.

    My first cat (when I was 5) was Mephistopheles, but Misty for short.
    My first dog was Butchie (I think after a dog on The Little Rascals?). But there was also a beer commercial that used the tag line, “Busch Bavarian Beer” so I used to call him, Butch, Bavarian Dog.

    My first cat as an adult was named Minsky after the character in “The Night They Raided Minsky’s.”

    One of my favourite names was for my cat, Nipper, who was named for the Red Sox player Al Nipper. And I had another cat at the same time whose name was Randolph, the very bad (after a bad guy in The Prisoner of Zenda).

    First dog I got as an adult was named Dodger (for the Artful one–’cause he was my son’s favourite character at the time). But we always called him the Artless Dodger.

    And my current dog is Murphy (she’s a small blonde lab-mix) after the character in the Dresden files.

  2. Beth says:

    I liked the naming shaman idea, too, though it limits the owners creativity.

    We mostly had fish while I was growing up. I usually had a molly guppie that I named Molly. My brothers named theirs interesting things like “Spot.” We had a janitor snail in the fish tank too that my brother named Stanley after the janitor “Mr. Stanley” at our elementary school. My parent’s dog was a stray mutt that is seemingly mostly beagle; after several names were considered, we named him Euclid, somewhat after the mathematician, but also because the major street near my parents house is named Euclid at the part they live by, but it if you drive further east, it becomes East Lake street (and eventually you drive into Lake Michigan), so the part they live by is also “West” Lake street, like our last name. We thought it was a creative play on geography as well as math, most people think he’s either named simply for the street or math guy, but don’t get that Euclid IS West Lake street. oh well.

    I watched a bunch of special features for Titanic the other day, and was surprised how many scenes were green screened. A few of them I had noticed before looked a little funny, but others (like sitting in the Palm Court for tea) I wouldn’t have guessed.

  3. Mark says:

    auProducer: That visual gag was hysterical!

    Pet Names: The only pets that I’ve ever had came with names. So hearing of these naming shamans is fascinating!

    Sorry, but that’s all the energy I’ve got for comments at this time.

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