Episode 170 : The Big News!

We have lots of big news this week! Various kinds of news, but all big. Only some of it is near the end, so you’ve got to listen to some really boring stories first. But the news is big, so… listen! Enjoy!


Bold adventurers reaching into the yawning chasm, What’s the worst car accident you’ve ever been in? I can guess at William’s but am curious as to Tony’s experience.       — Mark McKibben

Is there anything Tony won’t eat?


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13 Responses to Episode 170 : The Big News!

  1. William says:

    I should have mentioned that I got a lot of help from “the other adult in the house”. I’d never have had these done when I did without her help.

    • William says:

      Oh, and I also want to mention that we had every reason to think we wouldn’t have lighting or camera problems. We did our 100th episode in that room and a guy from the newspaper shot video in there that looked great and he didn’t use extra lighting. Plus, I’ve used that web cam to shoot lots of video in low light that looked fine. So… not sure what even happened there, honestly.

      When we started shooting the podcast, though, it was clear we were going to have a problem. But we figured… what the heck. Or what DO heck, as Tony likes to say.

  2. jas says:

    Ancient Scandinavians were so epic at fighting to the death, that the entire lot of them,…


  3. jas says:

    Tony described what was good about the Joss Whedon “Much Ado” very well. Personally, I really don’t like the Branaugh one. It was disappointing because his “Henry V” is one of my fav movie versions of Shakespeare.

    If people are interested in other versions, the BBC Shakespeare one is a great version with a traditional setting. And Shakespeare in the Park did one (with Sam Waterston as Benedick) set in turn of the century America and has Beatrice as a suffragette (which brings out a feminist way to read that play–as did Joss Whedon’s version, I thought).

  4. jas says:

    Ugh Beets! Yuck! Just the smell of them makes me feel a bit sick. My Dad made me try borscht in a restaurant one time and then we sat there for about an hour because he said we weren’t leaving until I ate it. Then after an hour, he tasted it, said I was right it was terrible, and we left.

  5. jas says:

    I think the roles my brother and I played were a bit strange as far as good kid/bad kid. He would do the “bad” stuff, but he always had a good cover. Like, he got cigarettes off my Dad several times by pretending that he was protecting my Dad from smoking by “throwing them away.” I was (to no one’s surprise), the argumentative one, but after I verbally put up a fight, I would usually do what my parents said.

  6. Alan says:

    What’s a fake apocalypse?

    • The Producer says:

      Where we tell everyone there was an apocalypse and they have to live like pioneers and then all the cool kids go off and live like the the 1%???

      That was funny in my head, but just sad written out.

      Maybe I should listen to the episode before commenting . . .

      • William says:

        A fake apocalypse is an apocalypse that isn’t the real apocalypse.

        The real apocalypse is Hatnarok, where the keepers of the Hat fight to the death.

  7. SirGuido says:

    A Horseshoe sounds simply divine.

    A prime ribe Horseshoe however seems like an utter waste of Prime Rib. Tony should be ashamed.

  8. Mark says:

    Fight to the Death: I assumed you already had and you were just faking the other’s voice using pre-recorded audio clips that you just assemble into the words you need.

    Episode 12/One True Religions: The Elder Gods didn’t want you to mention it; so you didn’t.

    The Magical Hat of Talking: The way you keep harping on that makes me suspect the Magical Talking Hat might be less magical and more cursed.

    Ketchup/Nanoparticles: Yup, that one is real and under development at MIT.

    Goat Simulator: I don’t understand the fascination with this game.

    Much Ado About Nothing: I’m not really familiar with the play. I have seen the older Kenneth Branagh and really enjoyed it. At least, I enjoyed it back in high school.

    The Magically Video Talking Hat? Also, I’ve now subscribed.

    Side van door of a woman: Producer’s comment for FTW!

    Food’s Tony won’t eat: What about more exotic stuff? Uni, cow’s tongue, etc..?

    Prime Rib: I have had prime rib multiple times and only enjoyed it once. Far too many times, it’s too uber fatty to be enjoyable.

    Horseshoe + Prime Rib: Leave off the cheese sauce or maybe put it on the side and maybe it would be alright.

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