Episode 161 : My Wife…

Tony is not feeling too well, this episode. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t stop him from babbling for a big chunk of the show. But eventually, he sort of settles back, and William talks a lot about himself and his life, and opens up in a way we don’t often see on the show. It’s pretty impressive. Enjoy!



*Dear Dissonant and Confused Forced Voices of the Magical Talking Hat, Remember that time 5 years ago when you were really mad? Does it matter now? –Azuretalon!!!

* = question was abridged or digested


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9 Responses to Episode 161 : My Wife…

  1. jas says:

    Thanks to William for sharing those stories. Anger seems like one of those stigmatized subjects (most of which have to do with our mental health it seems) where there’s so much of it around, but we’re somehow not supposed to feel it or talk about it.

    Bloodsparrow, sorry for job loss and other things going on in your life. I hope things get better soon.

  2. jas says:

    One thing I wanted to add about thinking about anger that’s been helpful for me: to think of anger not so much as justified or unjustified depending on what’s immediately happening, but as always justified as a feeling. So “I shouldn’t be getting so worked up about stupid traffic jams” becomes, “What’s going on with me, that’s getting me so worked up over nothing?” I think that helps even when the circumstances seem like they are the justification for the anger–to think of the anger as belonging to me, rather than being justified by external events. It helps me to not hold on to the anger thinking–“Hey, I have every right to be po’d”

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    Also, the vending machine at the SXSW Bates Motel facade that have out free brownies?

    All of the slots were lard “Norman” instead if having prices. As if all of the brownies were earmarked for Norman.

    Pretty funny.

  4. jas says:

    I forgot to say something ’bout Winter Soldier. Liked it better than Tony did and better than the first movie which I also thought was fun.

    I think I had more of a sense of the characters in this one, and the central conflicts were all character/relationship driven. I read something which said that instead of being about how Captain America has to learn to adapt to the 21st century, this was more about how Captain America’s 1940s world view affects everyone else, and that seems like an accurate description.

  5. Mark says:

    Yes, that thing was on.

    A manufacturer who perhaps makes athletic based head coverings? Head covers that perhaps seem to confer inexplicable benefits?

    Almost Human: We’ve really been enjoying this and hoping it would get another season; preferably one where they show the episodes in order.

    Incredible Hulk: There are a couple of Hulk movies, though I think only the last one is considered to be part of the current Marvel movie universe. It’s ok, but I’d rank it below Thor 2.

    Captain America Winter Soldier: Like you I enjoyed it, but had problems with it. The name/subplot didn’t do a lot for me either. My guess is it was tacked on as a way to introduce the main storyline without revealing any of the main story before the movie released.

    Agents of Shield: I liked the integration of the show with the movie, but it was also problematic. It’s obvious they made of their choices for the show to tie it into the movie, but weren’t being allowed to hint or reveal any of the big secret of the movie.

    Angry/Mad 5 years ago: Anything that made me “really mad” 5 years ago; I’ve forgotten by now.

    Getting Angry: I generally find letting myself get angry to be a waste of energy. There are definitely bad situations that need to be dealt with, but I’ve never encountered one that got better than when I got angry.

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