Episode 158 : Mystery Episode 15

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they start to change. They grow bigger and grow hair in places they haven’t before. Their voice changes. And they start to discover new feelings.

None of that has happened to Tony or William this week. But other strange things have caused them to hand the reigns over once again to their Evil-Universe counterparts. Enjoy!


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7 Responses to Episode 158 : Mystery Episode 15

  1. The Producer says:

    Ours is usually a ‘typical’ round layer cake, only instead of roses, there’s usually poinsettias, and it says “Happy Birthday Jesus!” instead of “Happy Birthday Sam!” or whoever. Did Tony mention that occasionally Jesus tells my mom he wants chocolate? That part is weird.

  2. Mark says:

    [REDACTED] Weather: I don’t know how you can stand all that [REDACTED] weather. GOOD LORD!

    Chiron Beta Prime: WOO! Michelle & I love that song; to the point where we considered recording ourselves singing it as a Christmas gift idea for our friends/family. Then we remembered that my singing voice is [REDACTED] and has been known to cause [REDACTED]. *sigh*

    Doesn’t everybody have something that they need to let go of?

    Eye for an Eye: Yeah, most movies/tv shows do things more like an “Eye (plus massive interest) for an Eye”.

    Ricky Ticky: Nope, don’t think I’ve ever heard of this.

    T-Rex: Yup, we always called them Tyrannosaurus Rex; when I was a kid.

    Sorry, I’m a bit tired. Were you claiming podcasting was started because otherwise you’d have to watch the Ring? If so, I could totally buy into that.

    X-mas trees: My family has always had the fake ones. None of my family wanted the mess of a real one; also we never had more than one setup.

    Personal library? Wowsers, we sure as heck never had one of those! From the sound of things, I usually lived in houses somewhere in between the size of both of your homes.

    Happy Birthday Jesus Cake: What a fun idea. :p Maybe the bakery tends to think of those as Hay-zeus cakes? After all, people do have birthdays near/on Xmas. Oh wait, William just made those points. *sigh*

  3. Beth says:

    Loved all the discussion about your holiday traditions. I am in favor of happy birthday Jesus cake. Might need to make that part of the annual tradition here.
    William, I am shocked you do not know where your parking lot Christmas trees were farmed. Growing up, ours was purchased in the lot of the YMCA and the trees were from Michigan. Just seems like the type of factoid you would know and bestow.

    • William says:

      Hmm… I hadn’t considered that they might have come from out of state. I mean, we never did more than just drive by the lots where these trees where being sold, so… perhaps I just assumed they came from a local tree farm. I seem to recall that the Iowa Christmas Tree Growers Association had a display every year in the Agricultural Building during the Iowa State Fair for years. I can’t recall if they still do or not.

      But either way… I never knew where the trees in the parking lot were actually from. 🙂

  4. Beth says:

    Tony, I do remember the rickyTickyTumbo story. I was just thinking about it he other day and couldn’t remember his whole name. I agree that kids probably shouldn’t have been playing near wells, and you’d think after the first kid fell in that they would have learned their lesson. Silly kids.

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