Episode 150 : Mystery Episode 13

Welcome to the sesquicentepisode! So we picked up this alternate universe dealie. Where did it come from? It’s a mystery… Enjoy!


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4 Responses to Episode 150 : Mystery Episode 13

  1. William says:

    Hey… what episode was it where I talked about those Russian vending machines?

    Anyway… this link shows what they looked like:


  2. Beth says:

    I thought I was hard hat #2!

  3. Mark says:

    Candy vs. Breath Mints: I have no memories of this advertising campaign at all and so these minutes of the podcast were totally wasted on me. Though if you were basically pulling this all from Wikipedia; then you should have included links to those articles for the curious.
    Evil Universe(s) & Facial Hair: Does the “recent” trend of men wearing facial hair indicate our universe is becoming more evil? Also what would the evil universe make of a video like this?
    I’m not gonna lie to you (or will I) that was not one of your better segments.
    auTony: As long as it’s evil you’re good? Isn’t that a contradiction?
    Data collection/surveillance: There’s also the chance that the government will decide to start making money off of this massive data collection effort by selling it to corporations.
    Sluggy Freelance FTW! Though having said that I can’t remember the last time I actually read that webcomic.
    No bunny loves your story.
    auWilliam: Don’t rub in watching the original Star Wars in the theater, that’s just mean man. That’s just mean. Also if you only saw the original in a regular theater than you were the one missing out; as Michelle first saw it at a drive-in theater. So there. :p

    • William says:

      Actually, my brother Scott reminded me that we did see the original in a drive-in. But I also remembered that it started raining right about the time the final dogfight started and we missed the ending entirely.

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