Episode 133 : Grandmageddon!

Tonight we talk a lot about television, and our medical histories. So that’s something, right? Also, Tony does his impression of an impression. A lot. And a game you should not play. Enjoy!


I think that Eddie Vedder and Homsar have the same voice. What do you think? –Anon

Dear Hat Thralls, Would you Like some cheap pharmaceuticals? — Bloodsparrow


Here’s William’s other bastard child!

Also, do NOT play this game!



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18 Responses to Episode 133 : Grandmageddon!

  1. jas says:

    When my son was little, he would refer to visits to my mother as “going to the Gran’ma quadrant.” I would suggest that this is where the cookies originate, except that to my knowledge my mother has never baked a cookie. Perhaps she actually inhabits the alt-universe Gran’ma quadrant.

    I used to have a copy of Wagner’s “Gotterdamerung” (Twilight of the Gods) with a gigantic hand crumbling a cookie on the cover.

  2. jas says:

    Buffy: some things about the show fit with my ideas about feminism (the character to some extent, but probably more the satire and the narrative arcs) and some don’t (primarily the “woman needs to be virtuous to keep her man virtuous” cliche).

    Shows like Buffy are interesting to me because of the way they are trying not to fit into the standard gender story lines, but then do anyway. For instance, the whole idea that the main character needs to “kick-butt” one could argue is your standard male-hero narrative even with a woman in the main role–though I think having a woman in the main role does throw it off kilter to varying degrees. But not completely…

    I liked Sophia McDougall’s article in “The New Statesman” about the problems with the “Strong Female Character”: http://www.newstatesman.com/culture/2013/08/i-hate-strong-female-characters.

    The most feminist thing I’ve seen of Joss Whedon’s was his “Much Ado” this summer. (I think it might have been the most feminist production of that play I’ve seen as well.)

  3. jas says:

    Hmm, wanted to say something about the Coulson character on Shield–but afraid it might be spoilery of the ep.

  4. Bloodsparrow says:

    Comparing $0.99 double cheese burgers…

    We don’t have Hardee’s here. We do have a FEW Carl’s Jr.

  5. Mark says:

    AoS: The 2nd episode was marginally better than the first but it’s still not as strong a show as I would like.

    Firefly: William, you are now dead to me. :p

    Sci-Fi TV: Yup, the vast majority of Sci-Fi TV shows focus too much on their gimmick. As a result, they don’t spend enough time building their characters/story; leading to weak stories.

    Tony gets ripped!

    Final Fantasy XIII 2? I guess none of those games have been particularly final.

    Assassin’s Creed: I’ve been thinking about maybe picking up one of those games, but the last, big Steam Sale didn’t drop the price enough for my cheapness to do it.

    Still sad I’m not in Tony’s RPG.

    Drop7 is published by Zynga, which means I refuse to install it.

    Cookie Clicker: Sounds like you’ve been playing this far, far too much already. Also, this “game” is ridiculously addictive.

    Become Tony, William or suffer the eternal fires of Hell: Actually I think being William for a week would be oddly zen.

    Signing emails: Thank you for that clarification. 😛

    Tony: If you’ve ever had the idea of quitting your day job for becoming a stand-up comic specializing in impersonations; I urge you to give up the idea not the job.

    Tonsillitis: I don’t believe you’ve mentioned this yet; or if you have I’ve forgotten it entirely.

  6. Beth says:

    Tony: I’m not sure if I’m the girl you were thinking of or not, but I would completely be down for a BAR-b-q Crawl. How statistical do we need to make the analysis?

    Cookie Clicking sounds interesting, but I don’t know that I can play a game that I don’t know the goal of when I start.

    On being either Tony or William for a week: umm, can I be each of you for a week and then give an objective opinion on which was better?

    On the impression of Eddie V. or anyone else: I agree with Mark: Tony, give up the idea, not your day job.

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