Episode 116 : Phil Collins likes Phil Collins

This week, we talk a lot about Star Trek: Voyager. Well, William does. Just fair warning.

But we also talk about death, and get pretty deep into the nature of the Hat, and how much various members of Genesis liked various members of Genesis. Enjoy!


Hello mystical chapeau, What sartorial form do you usually manifest? — Honestly, gabrielized, Aka Sue Klaus

Dear Vocal Extensions of The Magical Talking Hat, In the event of your death; do you have plans in place for the proper care talking of the Magical Talking Hat? — Mark McKibben


This is the video we’re making inside jokes about. We may have shared it before. Too bad. We love it.


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15 Responses to Episode 116 : Phil Collins likes Phil Collins

  1. jas says:

    Tony’s not thinking of “Samsara” (Sartorial) is he?

  2. jas says:

    I’ve always like DS9 best, and was also under the impression that most other people hated it because when I say it’s my favourite, people will say something along the lines of, “oh no, I hated it because they didn’t go anywhere.” I was under the impression that Voyager was somewhat in response to fan dissatisfaction with DS9.

    What I like best about DS9 is Jadziah Dax. I like the whole exploration about identity that comes out of her character. The episodes “Blood Feud” and “Rejoined” stand out on that theme. And then the plot which revolved around the captain having visions of and sometimes living the life of a 20th century sci-fi writer with the cast playing people in his life–that was a nice brain twisty one. And identity also explored in the Changling character.

    Also the whole in-depth look at relations between politics and regligion and cultures–clashing and connecting.

    Very much liked Jadzia and Kira’s friendship.

    I liked Voyager too. The only one I couldn’t take was Enterprise. OMG the theme song just to start with.

    I liked Trek Into Darkness more than Tony did I think. It brought in the usual Star Trek exploration of ethical issues–kind fo missing from the first movie cause it was more about the set up of things to come. I also liked the line about the Tribble! Maybe even more the adjective used to describe the tribble in Bones’s reply. I notice that Tony picked up that adjective later in a different description–something about it is really funny–especially in relation to a tribble.

  3. jas says:

    I really should have gone to the bathroom before I watched that video.

  4. Bloodsparrow says:

    I was going to say something pithy about something somebody said…

    but I forgot.

  5. SirGuido says:

    Ok, am I the only person who LOVED Enterprise? No joke, its my favorite version of Star Trek. DS9 is a very close second, and Voyager then TNG right after. TOS trails far down the line for me.

    • SirGuido says:

      When I lost my job two years ago I needed something to fill my time while I was sitting around waiting for responses from resumes. So I started watching Star Trek. I watched all of TNG, then all of DS9, then all of Voyager, then all of Enterprise, then all of the TNG era movies. I didnt like TNG nearly as much as I did way back when it was on tv. When DS9 was on I disliked it greatly, and now I love it. I loved that it delved deeply into spirituality, into other political issues, and had a continuing storyline with some “situation of the week” episodes sprinkled in here and there. They really did a great job with that series. For Enterprise I loved the idea that they got back to the “exploration” theme. Humans out there in space seeing things and doing things for the first time ever. That was incredibly appealing to me.

  6. Beth says:

    Happy Birthday Producer!

    I don’t have a favorite Star Trek generation. I think I’ve only seen a few complete episodes and couldn’t tell you which generation they were from or really anything else about them. I thought the tribbles line was funny, but only because the two iotas of information I know about Star Trek include having watched the Trouble with Tribbles (which, I think I watched in school, but can’t recall how that was even theoretically being tied to any educational component). The other thing I know is that Spock is super smart but doesn’t experience human emotion, and that Captain James Tiberious Kirk was born in Riverside Iowa. Ok, I apparently know 3 iotas.

    Tony – I have that kind of trouble with actors all the time. IMDB has done wonders for sorting out that kind of information. I also would confuse Emilio Esteves and Charlie Sheen – which seemed completely crazy for a while, but then I learned they are brothers and it became much more understandable of a mistake.

  7. Mark says:

    William: Good luck with your G&S submission!

    Star Trek, Into Darkness: It’s fun but relatively mindless. The bits with the tribble were annoying.

    Star Trek: Thanks to Netflix streaming I’ve been rewatching or have rewatched the tv series (except for ST: TOS, which just doesn’t appeal to me).

    ST:V was one I didn’t like when it aired and while I’m currently rewatching it via Netflix; I’ve yet to find anything I like about it. I think I’m still in the first season of my rewatch and at this point most of the actors performances are wooden and lifeless. The one true exception to that is Neelix, but that’s just because he’s such an annoying character that I hate to see him on the screen. The doctor and Tom Paris show some promis but I wouldn’t shed a tear on any of the rest of them being killed in the show.

    ST:TNG: I remember when this was airing that I was very fond of it, but my wife & I have been rewatching it via Netflix…. It doesn’t hold up very well or possibly we’ve not gotten to the good stuff yet.

    ST:DS9 is good; it tends to be really good. Unfortunately the reverse is also true.

    ST:E wasn’t as awful as I heard though I really despised the last season which I’ve heard from others was the best. *shrug* Not sure what that says about the show, the people I know or me. Actually I fond this series got better, though the series was loaded with stinkers and the transition into that last season was so god awful that it took me months before I was willing to continue watching the series.

    Tony: Bitch, bitch, bitch!

    Confusing actors: I mix people up all the time. So when I saw Mickey on the screen; I leaned over to my wife and had her confirm his identity for me. Mickey was generic for a long time but by the end of his arc he was pretty impressive.

    Mark’s Eyes: I’ve got implants now that let me see, but every time *zzzzzz* ow! I try to remember what I saw *zzzzzz* ow! I get shocked. Not sure what’s up with that.

    Producer: Congratulations on having the gumption to survive yet another year (plus x number of days since I’m behind in my listening).

    Your death: You’ll never see me coming… No I wouldn’t want to take over the responsibility; it’s just a question that popped in my head. Also, Tony was right it is a rewrite of On A Pale Horse.

    The Santa Clause: Santa definitely dies.

    Cumberbatch: I think they just like him being that pale.

    Cats: Enjoy chasing things, it’s a fact!

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