Episode 115 : Title Redacted

This episode is being posted with the power of portable media, so the blurb is gonna be short. There was too much controversy to pick a title. Otherwise, super-awesome episode. Enjoy!



If you wrote an autobiography what would it be called? — Craig

Questions!  Favorite Douglas Adams quote.  Go.  Love, Bloodsparrow

What is your favorite candy from your childhood that you can no longer find? — Kris
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20 Responses to Episode 115 : Title Redacted

  1. Alan says:

    Was looking for an Oregon fix & it didn’t happen. But I did enjoy the PT talk (glad to hear you are improving) & the IA wedding talk. Keep it coming!

  2. Stuart says:

    Hang on, just listened closely to the new intro… chasm? chaz-um? Kas-um?

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    Being able to work out what somebody is saying in Pig-Latin while not being able to speak it well yourself:

    Well, it IS a romance language.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Blank question:

      Is that like getting a “goocher”?

    • Bloodsparrow says:


      • Bloodsparrow says:

        Most of my favorite candies came from “Rainbow Gifts”, which was a store that sold ALL Sanrio stuff. (Hello Kitty and the like.)

        They had these Sanrio branded Japanese candies that were sooooooo good!

        Not many Sanrio stores in Texas…

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Rise up lights.

      Well done.

      That’s like “Jeet jet.”

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      OMG you guys…

      He wrote the Derk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency series
      He wrote very briefly for Monty Python’s Flying Circus
      He was the scrip editor for Doctor Who in the late 70’s
      He wrote Last Chance to See
      He wrote The Salmon of Doubt

      The quote Tony is trying to quote the scene where Ford is telling Arthur to be ready for the jump to hyperspace because, “It’s unpleasantly like being drunk.” Arthur asks, “What’s so unpleasant about being drunk?” and Ford responds, “You ask a glass of water.”

      The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster quote is that the effects of drinking one is like having your brains dashed out with a slice of lemon…

      Wrapped around a large gold brick.

  4. Beth says:

    No, I’m not married yet – not even half way through the 7.5 month engagement. It’s at the end of September. We’re meeting with our officiant today to discuss the ceremony, I’ll be sure to keep all your advice about the brevity of the ceremony in mind.

    William, your use of the blank card was spot-on for appropriateness. I didn’t eat much candy as a kid, I don’t think, but things I occasionally ate that I haven’t seen recently: Cookies n’ Cream Hershey’s Bars, and I do remember zebra striped gum and bar-sized Jolly Ranchers.

    William, when you were a kid, was the bottle deposit 5¢?

    • William says:

      Cans were five cents. Bottles were ten cents. But we’re talking the sixteen ounce glass bottles, which were almost gone before I finished high school, if memory serves.

  5. Beth says:

    Oh, and Tony, I saw on ESPN this morning, something about Super Latinos or something, and wondered if they would be offended by other people considering themselves Pig Latinos. Perhaps if you translated “Pig” into Latin, it would be less offensive: Porcum Latinos ?

  6. Jasmine says:

    How do we know Pig Latin speakers are from the Americas?

  7. Kiya Bee says:

    I’ve been listening almost the entire time. I started around episode 10, so I think I’ve paid my dues. As it stands, I’m trying to catch up to the most recent episode, so that should say something about my dedication to the podcast. 😉

    Candy! I love Charleston Chew, but I’m pretty sure those would take my fillings out if I ate one now. These aren’t from my childhood, but rather early adulthood: Crispy M&Ms. Those were so good, but they’re not made anymore. Big League Chew is a favorite of my grandfather’s, and we’ve found it at sporting goods stores. Fun Dip is indeed unhygienic; it grosses me out whenever my son gets his hands on some. You can buy Fruit Stripe gum on Amazon, but I don’t know if it’s made anymore.

    Tony, I hope you had a good trip to Oregon! 🙂

  8. Mark says:

    Marriage! Marriage! Marriage! :p

    Tony: Not funny, I’m too tired this week to deal with the sudden turn to the dark side like that.

    Pig Latin: Meh.

    Forgetting phone numbers: William, you are not alone with this problem. I frequently have that problem as well, though I think it’s more how I’m not interested in remembering than a flaw in my memory.

    Pig Latinos is way more offensive than Pig Latin; maybe because there are many more latinos in the world than there are latin speakers? Maybe you don’t attend it to be so offensive; but that doesn’t mean it isn’t offensive. I join the others in judging you, though for the record bacon is tasty. 😀

    A blank question? How very odd. Maybe this question actually was digested but digested so much nothing was left and that’s why it’s blank?

    Favorite childhood candy that’s no longer available? I don’t remember any candies from my childhood that I really liked which are no longer available. One of the joys of a weak memory is one cannot regret what one can’t remember. I think the internet has made it easier for candy makers to directly

    Ever Lasting Gobstoppers: Not as good as the hype and don’t last as long you’d think.

    Charleston Chews: I see these in convenience stores all the time and at least around Halloween I see them in the local grocery stores too.

    Bit o’ Honey: I’ve always liked these and am pleased that they remain easy to find.

    Leaving School: That’s something I really hated when I moved after my freshmen year of high school. My original high school let basically anybody the grounds at least during their lunch hour. Whereas my second high school only seniors during the final semester for the 4.0 students or during the last 2 months for the rest of us could leave.

    H2G2: I think the radio plays are probably the best form of this series, followed by the books. After that it all kind of flops. William, the ship was called the Heart of Gold.

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