Episode 111 : The Six Thousand Dollar Toddler

Exciting times we live in, Hatlings! William is revamping his website, and we explain the mysteries of “What do heck?” Also, talk about TV for a bit, and a deep look inside William’s childhood, possibly answering a lot of questions about William. And then some chocolate and Doctor Who. Who doesn’t love that?


Besides strait up in bar form, what is your favorite chocolate delivery system? — Bloodsparrow

Dear Hat Henchmen (Hatchmen?) Which are your favorite Doctor Who Companions and why? — Bloodsparrow

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  1. Craig says:

    Quick comment about the website – You really need to reduce the size of the header image (bluemarine_logo.png), 1874×674 is far far too big.

    • William says:

      Yes, I’d been concerned about that. It was one of the reasons I didn’t feel comfortable announcing the site quite yet. But thanks for confirming my suspicions about it… I’ll continue working on it.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Your tangent at the beginning of the episode reminded me of a choose your own adventure book I read when I was a kid. The reader’s “character” is a traveling minstrel who comes upon a town with a castle that appears to have no people in it. Only a bunch of very friendly animals.

    Then the sun goes down and suddenly all the animals turn into beautiful friendly people who are super happy to meet you and always celebrating something. The king (who is a goat by day) explains to the reader character that one day an ugly old wizard came along and started asking everybody why everybody in the kingdom was so beautiful, everybody apparently gave the same answer but the wizard didn’t believe it and went to ask the King and Queen.

    The King told the wizard, “If we are beautiful, it’s because we are happy.” Which was apparently the party line the wizard had been hearing all along. The wizard was super pissed off and countered that everybody was happy because they were beautiful. To prove his point, he cursed the kingdom to be animals by day and human by night.

    But apparently, there were anti-depressants in the water because everybody was still beautiful and happy, even when they were animals.

    There was no point to my telling you that. Your discussion just reminded me of it.

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    Doctor Who companions –
    New Who companions are fine. If I cared how MUCH you’d watched I wouldn’t have asked because I know you’re a couple of new series guys.

    • William says:

      I also want to point out that while Amy Pond didn’t, ultimately, get romantically entangled with the Doctor… not only did the writers flirt with that possibility early in Amy’s association with the Doctor, but they also had Amy’s fiancé/husband go along as a companion as well, almost as if they needed him there to explain why nothing developed between Amy and the Doctor. No such plot device was employed with Donna… again, because, I think, her age and “not girlish” looks were considered reason enough for nothing romantic to happen between Donna and the Doctor. (Or the fact that she didn’t have a stereotypical “girlish naiveté” – certainly not a better excuse.)

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        I would like to think that a slightly older woman (i.e. – one my age) would just be less capricious… But you’re probably right.

        My thoughts on Amy are best left untapped in this forum.

        Suffice it to say that I think Martha isn’t given nearly enough credit for being as kick ass as she was and Donna is my favorite of the new series so far.

        Doctor Who Captain Jack is fun and I quite like him. I’m less entertained by Torchwood Captain Jack, which was really just RTD’s consolation prize to himself that he never go to write for Angel: The Series.

        • Mark says:

          Torchwood was a train wreck from start to finish and like any “good” train wreck it was very hard to look away from; even if it did make you dislike yourself for watching it.

  4. Mark says:

    Wow, I’m now 3 weeks behind in listening and it doesn’t look like things at work will be letting up within the next couple of months. So I guess I’ll have to start listening/commenting at home; which is what I’m doing now… Though I should probably note that I’m doing this after drinking a ridiculous amount of hard cider (specifically Fox Barrel Ginger & Black Current Pear Cider, yum!); sp I make no guarantees that anuthing which follows will make any sense.

    Dorian Gray: Actually both are ugly, it just depends on what part of the story you’re in….

    Binary thing: Nobody really cares.

    William gets snarky: Bloodsparrow may not like it; but some of the rest of us might…

    Web Hosting/Domain Name fees: In truth these are 2 different fees, though many hosting companies will absorb the initial cost of the domain registration as a loss leader to get you to sign up with their hosting service. The web hosting fee simply pays for space on one of the company’s servers for your site. Domain name registration pays for directing traffic from people typing themagicaltalkinghat.com in their browser to go to your pages on your webhost’s server. It’s also unlikely that the webhost will continue to pay for the domain name registration for you and you will have to start paying for both the hosting and the domain name.

    GoDaddy/Parsons: Do you not get any of his money because you were born on the wrong side of the tracks? Or was your side of the family disowned for not shooting enough elephants?

    My outrageous french accent isn’t that good. I’m not sure I could do a full read through in it.

    I don’t see a proper site for JesusIsMyGrandPappy.com; instead I get a GoDaddy placeholder page.

    I’m kind of fond of Will vs. Chocolate, probably because I got to help out slightly. 🙂

    I love the A Boy and His Tiger song.

    Stikfas: All your talking about this reminds me of 2 things, a) how much I enjoyed Stuck and b) these fancy, smancy Lego/Star Wars photos.

    Actors one watches because they almost always make the movie enjoyable: I think Paul Giamatti tops this list for me.

    Defiance: I’ve not seen any of this show, so you guys totally lost me on this. However while you were babbling on; I poked around online it appears that one can watch the whole show online via the official Defiance website. So maybe I’ll get around to watching this show at some point.

    Ducks in your yard: So? We had robins bathing in puddles on our sidewalk the other day.

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, wait what was that about a rocket?

    Really dark chocolate tastes fine; you just have to eat it the proper way. In the case of true, dark chocolate the proper way to eat it is to take tiny little bits and letting the chocolate slowly melt across your tongue.

    Favorite Dr. Who companion: Either Rory Williams or Donna Noble (prior to them screwing her over at the end of her story arc). Some of the original series companions were good too, but it’s been too many years since I’ve seen any of those shows for me to remember them. Also Iwhile I’m somewhat inebriated and tired; I vaguely recall scenes when Donna was on where I felt a romantic tension was being impled between her and the Doctor.

    Chocolate delivery method: Maybe intravenous?

    • William says:

      My recollection is that you helped out a lot with Will vs Chocolate. Couldn’t have done it without you!

  5. jas says:

    Head Thumps of Childhood:

    I dared my cousin to somersault down a spiral wooden staircase at our Aunt’s house. She had told on me to my parents that I was still sucking my thumb (I was 3). We both went down together. I might have bonked my head–I don’t remember. She was crying when we got to the bottom so I thought–I should probably cry too. We got ice cream.

    Martha is my fav current companion. I didn’t really like Donna. There was something about the way she did a working-class person that seemed more like a parody to me. Initially I had hopes for Clara but yuck, Moffat has done a terrible job with her.

    Fav older series companion is Leela:



    Hmm, now I remember how good an episode Robots of Death was:


    “That’s a fact!”

    “No, that’s an inference!”

    Dr. Who is so educational.

  6. jas says:

    Mmm not sure if this is my fav chocolate delivery system or not, but it’s one of them:

    take a slice of sourdough bread and lightly toast it

    put a chunk of dark chocolate on top and put in a toaster oven very briefly–just enough to get the chocolate gooey but not runny

    take out and drizzle with a good, flavorsome olive oil and sea salt

    enjoy crispy, chocolatey, salty goodness

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