Episode 108 : Fargon Poopfrint

This episode is pretty awesome, Hatlings and Hard Hats! We get through SOOOOO many questions! There’s some talk of weddings, as there often is these days (thanks, Beth), and then William goes on a kinda weird, boring stretch. And then a simple question about billboards devolves into discussion about abortion! Enjoy!


This is what we were watching in between episodes 107 and 108.


*Dear Vocal extensions of TMTH, What do you remember about your wedding and wedding prep? — Beth P.S. Listeners answer too!

Which do you prefer, Christmas or New Year’s? — Craig

Hello, Hat Minions, If the Magical Talking Hat gets hand cramps from writing down questions, why doesn’t the hat print out emails? — Bloodsparrow

Dear Hatlets, Is thereanything better on a cold autumn evening than a bowl of rich creamy soup? — Sir Guido

Dear TMTH, how can apartment dwellers successfully reduce their carbon footprint? — Beth

*Dear vocal extensions of The Magical Talking Hat, Do you ever mentally add to a billboard? — Mark McKibben

*indicates an abridged question.

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24 Responses to Episode 108 : Fargon Poopfrint

  1. SirGuido says:


    I have no comment as of yet, since I haven’t listened yet, just wanted to pop in and say hi.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Funniest Person – Wow harsh.

    The first award I ever got was for being the youngest person there that day.

  3. SirGuido says:

    Mmmm free rich creamy dollar soup.

    • SirGuido says:

      Yes, I send in a lot of food questions. Bite me.

      • SirGuido says:

        Damn you Tony, stop interrupting my questions with your somewhat interesting anecdotes! What do you think this is a talk show!

        • SirGuido says:

          If I could pick any job in the entire world that I could do and make a good living at… it would be making soup. I would love(but have no knowledge of whats involved in)to own a restaurant that sells soup and sandwiches. Artisan-like of course. I love soup. One could say I have a PASSION for soup even.

          • Bloodsparrow says:

            Pea-Soup Anderson’s is a California institution. It’s a viable buisness model.

          • The Producer says:

            I would eat there. But probably mostly when it’s cold. I enjoy chilled soups, but generally hot weather doesn’t make me think, “Hey, soup would be nice about now!”

  4. SirGuido says:

    I need to start buying recycled materials made of apartments.

  5. Craig says:

    Soup, I like soup. Mmmn soup. Mmmn soup and $1,000,000.

    Carbon footprint – Odd fact about the whole shipping factor, due to the much higher per ton efficiency of maritime shipping once you get past a certain distance (I’ve heard ranges in the 500-1000 mile but don’t have any data to back those up) it actually becomes more efficient to ship things transpacific / transatlantic on a cargo ship than to ship them the shorter distance using lorries. Though I suspect William meant a much shorter distance than that when he said buy locally.

    Also worth noting with lightbulbs is actually not to always turn them off when you’re out of the room if you’re going to be back in a couple of minutes. Repeatedly switching bulbs on for a short period then off again severely reduces their life span so while you save the energy in the short term you need to replace them much sooner which has its own associated energy cost.

  6. Beth says:

    Craig – good point. William – good electricity management is good wherever you live. I was just getting frustrated with the people who tell me I should be eating out of my own vegetable garden (where would I put one?) or have energy efficient appliances (who wants to store the landlord’s appliances in favor of buying their own? and/or possibly be fined for modifying the apartment), or better windows/insulation, or abhor the level of recycling many apartment people can reasonably do(Iowa City/Coralville *claim* they have curb recycling pickup for buildings with four or fewer units, but I have never had that be the case). I certainly want all those things, but how much time, effort and money should I need to spend to be able to achieve these things?

    Yes Tony, I do think about what I could be earning with another degree. While the commercial is playing, I think about what a good idea it would be to go back to school. Then I am jarred back to reality and realize that my current salary as well as my earning potential probably exceeds that of the degree seekers of “medical assistant,” or “transcriptionist” (a degree so sketchy sounding that the spelling cannot be auto corrected). Anyway, the commercials would be much more useful if they gave you starting salaries for those positions – wouldn’t everyone want to know what their earning potential would be if they did go through with the program?

    Yes Mark, I do add things to the end of some billboards. One I pass in the Chicago suburbs on my way home is for Iowa State, it reads “Start here, go anywhere” leaving it wide open for a new snappy comment from me each time I drive by.

    Tony. I agree with your assessment of the Super 7 and wonder that when I drive by too. The coloring and signage makes one think of a Motel 6. I also wonder if I should prefer to stay at the Super 7 or the Super 8 – is the 7 closer to being #1, ie it’s closer to being the best? How much different than 8 is 7?

    William – I can’t believe you’re excited about Motel 6 keeping the light on – how does increasing their carbon footprint make them a better budget hotel chain?

  7. William says:

    Motel 6 lights gather solar energy during the day in zero-impact-manufactured power cells.

    At least, that’s what I tell myself.

  8. Mark says:

    Perhaps you both talk too much and all your listeners are really listening for those moments when the Producer and/or Ezzie speak?

    Wow that story about William’s dad really makes him sound like a prick.

    Christmas vs New Years: Christmas, hands down.

    Tony: don’t call me Shirley, also nice Janet reference.

    Really what the two of you are saying is The Magical Talking Hat doesn’t find our questions sufficient interest to be worth the effort of creating something bigger than half 3×5″ card for you to pull from its depths?

    Better than rich, creamy soup? On a cold day, I’m fond of hot tea (usually some form of black, I particularly like some chinese black teas).

    “I don’t like it because it makes my tears come” is a lovely turn of phrase that I’ll be quite happy to steal and begin to use in my own daily life.

    Panera is my favorite, fast food joint.

    Low-wattage bulbs: Switch over to LED bulbs. While they’re still more expensive; they use even less power than CFLs (for the same level of lumens) and don’t contain mercury.

    Billboards: I suppose mostly when I’m adding something to a billboard; it’s to mock said billboard.

    Pro-Life/Choice: If you believe you have free will and you believe that you were created by a God; isn’t it logical to conclude that as your creator gave you the very capacity for choice that your God is pro-choice?

    First Day of the Week: This varies depending upon where in the world you are, though the international standard is to have the week start on Monday.

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