Episode 101 : New Sound Equipment!!!

We’ve got new sound, people! Hundreds of dollars of new sound equipment… that might make us sound worse than we used to. Let us know, because as usual, we have no idea what we’re doing. But we also have a cool new intro and outro from the man himself, Sir Guido!



Dear Hatlets, My wife likes chocolate desserts and I like fruit desserts. Which do you like? –Sir Guido

Dear T.M.T.H., What is your favorite television commercial? — Dave of Id



This is the commercial Tony was talking about.

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10 Responses to Episode 101 : New Sound Equipment!!!

  1. Beth says:

    Willam – Happy Birthday! You are 19 years, to the day, older than my David. You were in college when he was born, and probably were already making an ass out of yourself and Jim MacGregor.

    • William says:

      Actually, I wasn’t making an ass out of myself and Jim McGregor until 1996. Doing a little quick math, David would have been… eight years old?

  2. Beth says:

    Tony – Thanks for your decription of me. It’s much appreciated.

  3. SirGuido says:

    BUZZZZZZ!!! OH the HumAniTy!!!

    (btw just kidding its not bad)

    • SirGuido says:

      I do not hear anything when the heat kicks on.

      Oh, and I thought Looper was decent. It definitely had issues, like the whole TK thing was just… badly done.

      • SirGuido says:

        JoeGordLev did a great job as young Bruce Willis. He affected a LOT of his mannerisms. I remember his interview on The Nerdist where he mentioned that he went back and watched Moonlighting to learn Bruce Willis’ younger mannerisms, and I think he nailed it ten times to Tuesday.

  4. Craig says:

    Sound issues – Listening on my phone (without headphones) the hiss is constant throughout the episode and definitely noticeable. Haven’t listened with headphones yet to see if it sounds worse there, will let you know how it sounds when I do.

    Levels – The two of you are fairly balanced though I’d personally say you could increase the levels of both of you as I needed to turn the volume right up to listen to the episode.

    Looper – I enjoyed it up until the point that they become inconsistent with their time travel. I accept that time travel comes with a whole range of issues in terms of paradox etc but the least you can do is be consistent with how you treat it. I also thought not enough was done with the telekenesis early on in the movie, it felt like it had been forced in later on.

  5. Mark says:

    Background noise: I listen using earbuds and the hissing noise is there but so low it’s only barely noticable. In fact, if you hadn’t made a deal of it; I might not have really noticed. If you were still having problems with your snowball mic and hadn’t just bought all new equipment; I was going to point out a sale Woot was having on some sound equipment (similar to what you had, some slightly higher end).

    Ep 100: The questions came from Craig, Kiya B and Kiya B.

    Valentine’s Day: I think the Japanese have this figured out much better than we do. On Valentine’s Day, the women give the men gifts and then a month later; on White Day the men return the favor.

    Age: Meh. Like William, I’ve long felt much older than I actually am to the point that when I talked about my plans for my 21st birthday in front of my girlfriend she was shocked that I wasn’t already older than that.

    Weight Loss: Congrats again to Tony on lossing enough weight to require new clothes. I know how that feels as our bathroom scale is so lousy that leaning slightly in any given direction can through off the scale by 3-5 lbs; so when I lose weight I generally notice by my clothes not fitting right either.

    Looper: It was kind of meh for me. Visually, it was kind of interesting. Conceptually, it was stupid as all get out and there was a bit right near the end of the film that I really hated. Unfortunately being right at the end, talking about it would require me to reveal spoilers so I can’t really say anything about it; except that it implied some of the biggest causality screw-up of the entire film (at least in my mind). The one thing that I will give them props for was trying to do something new. It’s nice to see hollywood doing new/original stuff rather than remaking older films or coping up with sequels to films that don’t need them.

    Heat kicking on: I didn’t notice it in the audio.

    Cough: Meh, no more annoying than usual.

    Feedback on feedback: Bah.

    William’s books as audio books: That could be interesting and reminds me that we’ve not heard any updates on the radio drama.

    Desserts: Personally, I like both and am rather fond of combining the two (e.g. chocolate covered strawberries).

    Favorite TV Commercial: I don’t watch commercials. I use that time to read or go get something to drink or something like that.

    Audio Quality: The levels are good. There wasn’t any noticable background noise. By the end of the episode, I was noticing the hissing more and it was starting to annoy me but it’s still not horrible.

  6. Bloodsparrow says:

    I’m like… OMG, Becky’s not even hot.

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