Episode 100 : A Whole Bunch of Iches

It’s finally here! Episode 100 of the podcast! Thanks to those who stuck with us through all the boring episodes and pointless episodes and other-dimensional episodes. We couldn’t (well, wouldn’t) have done it without you!

To celebrate, we brought in some Hard Hats to record with us. This week is not only Tony and William, but the Producer, Mark, and Beth. Enjoy!



(NOTE — I don’t remember what order these are in)

What should I get as my next tattoo? — Craig

Dear The Magical Talking Hat, What is the best trading card game? — Kiya B.

Dear The Magical Talking Hat, Would you rather be assimilated into the BOrd, or recruited to the Dark Side? — Kiya B.


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40 Responses to Episode 100 : A Whole Bunch of Iches

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    The creepy carnival music opening was a nice touch.

    It kinda reminded me of The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      If only it had been GanDORF.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      William – I will help you create the Kickstarter if you need.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Also – Just so we’re clear…

      No context for you, for old time’s sake. Special for the 100th episode.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      My medical records, spanning from when I was born to when I was around 28, was THROWN AWAY when my Doctor I had since I stopped seeing the Pediatrician, retired and sold his practice to a new Doctor.

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        I don’t know if he had a daughter, but if he did she probably wasn’t a Miss anything because I’m pretty sure we would have heard.

        I DID meet a Miss Drill Team USA… No, wait…

        Actually, I met Weird Al at a Miss Drill Team USA padgent.

      • The Producer says:

        Something similar with my medical records happened when I was younger. As a consequence, my entire vaccination history is based on what my mother had written in my baby book. She brought it into the office and a nurse transcribed it into my “official” records. It seemed kind of crazy to me even at the time, and I’m pretty sure it would never happen now.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Are you seriously going to make me google “Melcher Dallas”?

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        “A Bunch of ‘Itches” – Sounds like a sitcom set in whatever part of Iowa you’re talking about.

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        I’ve never heard the word “Cretch” (did I spell that right) to describe a Nativity set…

        But then I’m half-jewish and from LA.

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        “Leave me alone I’m Miss Ctech-Slovac Iowa 2009.”

        I’m just going to start using that even through I am neither Ctech, Slovac, I have never been to Iowa, or been in a padgent.

        There are many crazy padgents on the West Cost. See my earlier comment about “Miss Drill Team USA”.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Sorting Paperclips types of work – When I worked in Video Games there were times when they wanted us to stick around and wait for a new build from some remote location to be finished and downloaded to our location. We would go out to eat, watch movies, nap, or play games (usually Counter Strike at one point). We would clock out, but we would stick around and clock back in when it was ready… Though most often, it would turn out that everybody at the other location would have decided to go home at 5:30 and just neglected to tell us we didn’t need to stick around and we wouldn’t find out until 9:00…

    • Bloodsparrow says:


    • Mark says:

      A nice touch? Not sure about that, but it was definitely creepy.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      I think it’s St. Joseph yes. You also burry one when you move in.

      Also, you suggested she do a “libation”… I assume that means pouring beer on the ground?

      Is this that “Hillbilly magic” you talked about before?

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      I had a friend who MADE bacon vodka…

      It was… It would be good in a Bloody Marry yeah but don’t drink it alone.

      Or with people.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Do not look directly at the Magical Talking Hat.

      Do not get the Magical Talking Hat wet.

      Do not taunt the Magical Talking Hat.

      … “It’s more sustainable then I imagined.”

      Best. Obstervation of anything. Ever.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      FYI – Borg don’t take things from the cultures of the people they take over. They take things from their TECHNOLOGY.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Look. If you’re not a Maori, or adopted into those peoples, don’t get a face tatoo.


    • Bloodsparrow says:

      The best CCG is not to play CCGs.

      Though I hear Top Trumps is fun.

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        The best story I had about CCG cards being rare or not rare and trading.

        Some time ago a guy bought unopened boosters of black boarder Magic cards. He opened one of them up and the rare card was…

        Blue Mana.

      • Bloodsparrow says:


        Caravan IS the best collectable card game!

        A bunch of friends and I used to play it against eachother all the time.

        I really miss playing Caravan with people.

        We started playing with the same rules as in F:NV, but I collect decks of cards so…

        But anyway, we started playing with “Subtractive” decks. That is, you start out with a standard, 2 joker, poker deck and you can remove whatever cards you want, but you can’t add cards. This cut down trying to figure out who’s cards were who’s at the end of a game where people were playing on other people’s caravans.

        Super fun yo.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Never ask a Military Brat where they are from. Ask them where they consider themselves to be from.

      Like my Mom, when she was getting married to my Dad, was asked what religion she was, her response was “Main Post Chapel.”

  2. SirGuido says:

    Wow, I had no idea my intro/outro sounded so horrible. Sorry about that. ๐Ÿ™ Sounded ok when I listened to it.

  3. Mark says:

    My comments will be light this week, since *gasp* I was at the recording and could make them then.

    Wow, my voice sounds weird when I hear it coming from outside my skull.

    Marijuana uses: Actually you can make hemp from parts of the plant and hemp has industrial uses. So there are other uses for the plant than recreational & medicinal.

    William: Why are you there instead of the rest of us? Some people are talkers, some people are listeners. You’re a talker; I’m a listener, which would make me a terrible host if I were in your place.

    Here’s the Moustache Car mentioned during the recording of episode 100.

    While my voice sounds odd to me; my evil laugh still sounds excellent. Muhahahaha!

  4. Beth says:

    I agree with Mark, I sound different than I thought I would. Producer – did you sometimes have trouble distinguishing between the two of us? I was fine if I knew which one of us said it, but we sounded a lot alike when I wasn’t sure.

    I had a great time recording this episode and look forward to another listener-ful podcast in better weather! (Quasquicentennial episode anyone?)

    • The Producer says:

      Yes! I commented on that to Tony this morning as I was listening. But then decided that maybe it’s because I don’t know what I sound like to other people? Because when we’re both talking, I can tell us apart. But if one of the guys would talk, and then just one of us would talk I’d be like, “Did I say that?” and then realize it was you.

      FWIW, he says he doesn’t think we sound the same in real life. Probably because I sound meaner! ๐Ÿ˜€

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