Episode 98 : I Control the Bears!

It’s an intense episode tonight, folks! We discuss the upcoming 100th Episode Gala, the power of snacks on time travel, and William goes on a long, crazy rant about how “not weird” he is!



If you had a time machine and could visit any historical event, which snack would you bring? — Anonymous


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18 Responses to Episode 98 : I Control the Bears!

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    Cake please.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Will Ezzie be there?

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        As I have said before, “The Magical Talking Hat is oddly compelling.”

        This guy saw, “The Magical Talking Hat”, and was oddly compelled.

        • Bloodsparrow says:

          You did say that some of the people on the Roller Derby team you like listened to the podcast at least for a while.

          • Bloodsparrow says:

            I didn’t know anything about Tony except that he plays Fallout. If you had not been oddly compelling people who had oddly compelling conversations, I wouldn’t have kept listening.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Script? OoooOOooooo!!!

    • Bloodsparrow says:


      Ohhhhh, THE SILVER RUSH!

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Pop Rocks would get you burned as a witch…

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        Jelly Babies are basically gummie bears.

        The 2nd Doctor mentioned Jelly Babies once.

        The only difference between Jelly Babies and Gummie Bears is that the Jelly Babies are made with gelatin from animals, while most Gummie Bears are made with plant gelatin.

        • Bloodsparrow says:

          I agree with William about Chocolate.

          I would also submit that he has something with “flavor powder” and MSG.

          Americans invented the potato chip, but the Scotts pushed it over the top by making BBQ flavor.

          If you’ve not been to Taco Bell, I must inform you that they now sell tacos where the taco shell is a giant Dorito

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Horrible Histories is a great show.

      It’s based on a series of books called things like, “Rotten Romans” and “Terrible Tutors”.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      This story begings as most of the best stories often do…

      “It was holiday time…”

      • Bloodsparrow says:

        This is why carrob has such a bad rap.

        You lable something “Chocolate” and inside it’s actually carrob…


    • Bloodsparrow says:

      You’re both weird.

      End of line.

  2. SirGuido says:

    [size=12]”I control(led) bears!”[/size]

  3. Mark says:

    In his paaaaaaaaants! (to the tune of “then gives uuuuuup).

    I’ll take the wheat berry toast thanks.

    Yup, the house certainly was packed….. Also Michelle sends her regrets for not coming, maybe when you record episode 200 she’ll make it.

    Hmm, actually that makes me wonder if I should comment on your thoughts about the recording of the 100 episodes before that episode gets posted. I think I’ll save my comments about that episode for when it gets posted.

    William’s radio play: I’m still interested and would like to see a copy of the script as soon as William feels comfortable releasing it.

    Sound effects: the Coralville public library used to have CDs full of sound effects; so you might want to see if they still have them.

    Examples of radio plays: if you want more examples of radio plays, I’m a fan of the Shadow; you can download copies of X Minus One (an old sci-fi radio show) and for more current works, take a listen to Thrilling Adventure Hour.

    Fallout: You’re starting to get me a bit interested in these games; are they available on Steam (I’m listening at work, so I can’t really check right now)?

    A good show on Fox: Doesn’t that mean it’ll be randomly shuffled around their scheduled and then killed due to poor ratings?

    Time Traveling Snacks: I think it’d be interesting to take a bunches of Bertie Bots Every Flavor Jelly Beans and use them to replace Ronald Regan’s jelly beans. Additionally, I’m saddened that William didn’t recognize the Jelly Babies reference. For the record while the Fourth Doctor was perhaps the most well known for the jelly babies; according the interwebs other incarnations also ate/mentioned them.

    Chocolate was a good answer, but salt was kind of a lame answer. If you’re going to go for a valuable non-snack food why not go for something nicer like tea or maybe some really good spices (saffron, cinnamon, etc).

    Dog food: I worked at a grocery store during my high school years and there was a guy there who’s frequently grab a handful of dry dog food from broken bags and munch on it while he was stocking shelves.

    Fudge: I wouldn’t knock using the recipes off the back of packaging; my mom’s cookies are theoretically the same recipie off the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chips bag. However she’s been making them so long she doesn’t look at the recipe and she barely measures (e.g. grabs a handful of an ingrediant).

    Consuming one thing, thinking it was another: When I was a kid (maybe 5 – 8 years old); we always kept a jug in the fridge full of water to have a nice cold drink. And as we didn’t have a lot money, we’d frequently reuse containers. One day I’d been outside playing, got rather thirsty this particular day and headed into the kitchen to get a drink. I saw the water jug on the counter, reached up, grabbed it, took a big swallow and instantly learned I was drinking vinegar not water. *shudder*

    William’s optimism/naivety: It’s not nice to pick on him for this, though it can be kind of funny.

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