Episode 96 : Mystery Episode 7

It’s amazing, the other-dimensional powers of the Hat. Anyway, we had a recording conflict, so we borrowed this episode from the guys with the goatees.


Also, the guys with the goatees don’t write down the questions. Because they’re evil. Sorry.

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8 Responses to Episode 96 : Mystery Episode 7

  1. William says:

    This mystery episode, coincidentally, marks the first anniversary of mystery episodes.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Creme Brule’ – Is like Pana Cotta or Flan. Which are Italian and Spanish respectively.

    It’s a sweet dairy based jello essentally.

  3. Ebomb says:

    What you guys know as calamari, we call ‘fried foreskins’ in my dimension. You can imagine the difficulty of coming up with an appetizing name in our vernacular for a dish of fried foreskins prepared with a custard.

    Further, crème de foreskin brûlée would have to be a sweet course served after the entrée to qualify as a dessert; otherwise unsweetened, it would just be the cheese course.

  4. SirGuido says:

    My definition of “dessert” more adequately corresponds with Tony’s thinking on the matter.

    To me, a “dessert” is not just a sweet ending to the dinner meal. Instead it is am almost always sweet confection that is constructed in some way to assuage the sweet tooth. So yes, doughnuts count. As does chocolate. However that was not my intention for the question, so I apologize for being misleading.

    I love fruit based desserts like pies, cobblers, lemon bars, turnovers, buckles, etc whereas my wife would much rather have something more chocolate based and usually dairy like mousse, pudding, ice cream especially, etc. I was more meaning something along those lines. So you answered that as well, Tony likes ice cream and William likes pie.

  5. Beth says:

    I could be persuaded to agree with either of you on the desert issue. I agree with Tony that the spirit of the question is what really good, sweet, food would you want to eat for the rest of your life. Timing of before/after/between meals does not matter. That said, I do not think donuts or candy bars qualify as dessert items.

    Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream frosting is what I’d choose. But if it’s only an ok version and not really good, don’t bother. I also like cheesecakes, bread pudding w/o raisins and some fruit pies, but same thing, if it’s not a good version of that dessert, I don’t want to waste my time/calories.

    Tony, I disagree with your creme brulee assessment. I do not think it’s a current fad of places trying to prove they’re upscale. I think it’s a well ingrained mark of a restaurant trying to prove they’re upscale. Once in a while, it’s pretty good, but often, like the expensive restaurant chocolate cake, it leaves something to be desired in the taste category, and is overpriced (like restaurant dessert in general).

  6. Mark says:


    auTony: That was an impressively bad Louis Armstrong impression.

    auWilliam: Technology could definitely be progressing faster. As for whether or not technology is currently progressing faster now than it has it in past; I think that really depends upon what technology you’re referrring to.

    Marvel or DC: Meh, I don’t really read comic books any more but when I do I generally read independent titles. Back when I regularly read comics I tended to prefer Marvel titles over DC.

    auWilliam: Sorry but auTony is right; Jesus suffered from more temptation than Superman.

    Donuts: Nope, auWilliam is right; donuts are breakfast food. Ridiculously sweet breakfast food but still breakfast food. Dessert is the usually sweet course that concludes a meal.

    Crème brûlée: auWilliam, it’s better than it sounds and you should totally try it before you dismiss it.

    Also what was the Producer shouting about in the background while auWilliam was talking about not having dessert ever again?

    Shortbread: drool, yum!

    It’s funny you guys started talking about calamari. I just recently was listening to This American Life and they were talking about fake calamari made from sliced pig rectums.

    • The Producer says:

      I think it’s something about it not being fair to pick your dessert and then saying you can eat pie for a “snack”.

      I’ve heard about the TAL story all over the place this week, but haven’t listened yet, and I don’t even eat calamari.

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