Episode 71 : Ezzie Hates You

We talk movies, and porn. Porn for quite awhile, actually. Even William.

Then photocopiers. And the Ezzie answers a question from Azuretalon.



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16 Responses to Episode 71 : Ezzie Hates You

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    I think we should try to make “Hotter’n a pitchfork sale in FrankensteinTown” trend on twitter.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:


  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    I like how disappointed William sounded when Tony mentioned the white belt.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Utilikilts are kilts that have pockets and are made from cotton and other fabrics that you normally make work pants and cargo pants out of. Plus, there’s a “modesty plaket” that lets you turn the Utilikilt into a pair of shorts… or a Utili…skort.


  4. Lois Lane says:

    Well, Gentlemen, I simply cannot believe you guys talked about PORN! Especially for over half of the show! I will not say anything else about it!

    I have a question. Where did the term “cause play” come from? I for one have never heard of that expression. Not to be offensive, but is it common lingo amongst nerds and geeks? that would be cute! Even still, my inquisitive mind is curious as to why not just say: dress up? What would u dress up as in the summer, in the afternoon? (oh, and not on Halloween… because we need THAT clarification)

    Anyway, I would like to dress up as Lois Lane in her patriotic bikini from the show smallville. Hey, would either of you be willing to dress up as Clark Kent?

    Later, Smallville!

    • Craig says:

      The term is cosplay as opposed to ’cause play’ and I believe it originated from a shortening of ‘costume play’. It’s a fairly commonly used phrase in geek culture though its most commonly associated with anime as that’s where the trend started.

  5. Mark says:

    Given the current heat wave we’ve been having and that you have to turn off your a/c to record TMTH; I’d say you’re totally justified in drinking a cool drink with plenty of ice.

    I’ll probably end up watching both Dark Knight Rises and the Amazing Spiderman, but not likely to happen till it hits the cheap seats. Neither really is grabbing me, though I would have given Spiderman a slight edge due to the interestingness of the trailers (at least until I found out all the good bits from the trailers don’t get resolved in this film).

    William’s movie reviewer sounds like a poofta.

    And your problems with many movie reviewers is why I tend to watch a trailer or two. Preferably before the movie comes out, so the trailers aren’t quite so spoilery. If the trailer looks interesting; but not interesting enough to get me to go to the movie, then I’ll check the movie’s rating on RottenTomatos. If the movie is only getting a green/rotten tomato; then I’m not going to that movie.

    Tony: Glad to to hear your game is going so well.

    Producer: Given what Tony described as his ultimate bachleor chow, I don’t think you should be leaving him at home alone anymore.

    Would Tony cosplay as his new favorite porn star?

    Kilts are great. Utilikilts are non-tartan kilts with pockets and are considerably cheaper than their tartan counterparts.

    • SirGuido says:

      You’re wrong, he is not justified at all. Period. He must die of an epic combination of heat exhaustion and dehydration for my satisfaction to be complete. That is the recompense I demand for assaulting my ears with the jingle jangle of ice in a glass of hobo margarita. That, or a #hoboblowjob.

      • Mark says:

        Bah, he is totally justified because if he did die of heat exhaustion and dehydration; then we’d only have Ezzie to poke fun at William. While that could be entertaining; I think most hatter’s cat speak is a bit too weak to truly enjoy it.

        • SirGuido says:

          I understand her just fine. Let him dry up like a prune I say. As long as I don’t have to hear ice clinking. Guh!

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