Episode 62: Mystery Episode 3

Alternate Universe Tony and Alternate Universe William have prepared this podcast just for you!  Like Schrödinger’s Roomba, this episode both sucks AND doesn’t suck at the same time until you activate it, at which moment the wave-function will collapse into a single manifested reality relative to your limited 3.5 dimensional perspective.  Of course, from a 4 dimensional perspective, an alternate version of you will experience the program in the opposite manner — that is, there will be two versions of you, one listening to an excellent program and the other listening to a sucky program.  So if you happen to get the sucky one, just take comfort in knowing that an alternate version of YOU is benefitting from your foul luck!  Everybody wins!

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6 Responses to Episode 62: Mystery Episode 3

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    I use Jelly but I’m also fond of using macerated fruit with peanut butter.

    I’m fond of a MLT (when the mutton is nice an lean!)

    I’m kidding. I like a BLT however, when I make my own I do it like this…

    Wheat bread (or sourdough)
    Baby Spinach

    I’m terribly fond of Peanut Butter and BANANA

    I was also introduced to Peanut butter and Honey, but you NEED milk with that. I’m told it was a staple of grandparents who lived through the great depression. (As is regular milk with powdered milk mixed in with it.)

    Fluffer Nutter Sandwiches are also divine. That’s peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff or, if my Mom has made it, peanut butter with the careful application of mini-marshmallows between wheat bread. (Roman Meal sandwich bread to be precise.)

    I have lots more but I think I’ve gone on long enough.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    Amazons knitting.

    Thank you William, that was my point exactly.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      William: “How long have people been knitting?”

      Tony: “… ’bout an hour.”


      • Bloodsparrow says:

        Tony correctly made the Wonder Woman connection.

        I have an online avatar I used to use on Livejournal and FB that’s Wonder Woman knitting and a friend thought it was ridiculous because “Amazons don’t knit”. Which I thought he was full of it.

  3. Craig says:

    I find it rather ironic that it was Evil William and Tony who suggested peanut butter given its a product I truly loathe. Its almost as bad as marmite. I did however go out and buy some hummus which I have not had in a number of years.

    As for the Slough thing I actually prefer saying that to saying ‘near London’ as while I work in London I don’t actually like it as a city, it’s too big. arrogant and self centred as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Mark says:

    Vacation, eh? Have fun!

    Audio levels are a bit off this episode (intro music was much louder than rest of the podcast).

    Mystery episodes are made by alternate dimension versions of Tony/William? Does this explain the origins of the first three Williams?

    Is there an alternate dimension where TMTH actually talks for itself?

    Parker for the win!

    Ice Cream: If I had to pick a specific flavor, I’d go for vanilla with real vanilla beans in it. Though to be honest when I want ice cream; I usually want to pick up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and get some sort of wackiness. These days we’ve been converted to the way of the leaf (Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt) and the best thing I’ve had there is probably a mix of Pistachio & Caramel (though their Key Lime Pie is really good too).

    Amazons/Knitting: Knit bomb cradles, not socks?

    Adam West/Batman: The hate is simply because the show doesn’t meet the expectations of today’s audience.

    BSG: Boomer has moments where I like her character, but I think Laura Roslin is probably my favorite female character on the show (for most of the show anyway).

    Tony/William Prime: Why does alternate dimension Tony think that the Tony from our dimension is Tony Prime rather than himself?

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