Episode 55 : Meationis!

We get into some serious debate tonight, Hatlings! Issues are discussed that can only be answered by you, the listener. So listen, and then voice your opinions. Here. In our forum. The People’s… Court! Wait, what?



I totally forgot to mention this on the air, but you should check out this site. These people are going to have some awesome YouTube shows, with Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Veronica Belmont, and more!

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13 Responses to Episode 55 : Meationis!

  1. William says:

    Ugh… I was talking about Verne when I meant to be talking about Wells. I hate when I do that.

  2. Mark says:

    We listened to the episode, but I doubt many of us have had supernatural experiences. I mean after all, none of us have actually met a magical talking hat.

    William: The guy from Jekyll was James Nesbitt.
    Tony: You’ve not seen Jekyll? Stop going to so many bad movies and start watching something decent already. *seesh* Nesbitt’s performance in Jekyll is outstanding.

    Producer: Howdy!
    Tony: You’ve been watching too much Archer; it’s Sterling that loves the Danger Zone, not the Producer.

    William: You’re wrong and your self-effacing bullshit it annoying. Though to be fair hearing what the two of you come up with in response to the questions pulled from TMTH is quite interesting too.

    Question: If time travel is real does that mean that time/events are fixed and cannot be changed or changing anything in the past creates an alternate reality?

    Abraham Lincoln could not have been replaced by another person; I mean who else could unite a nation, end slavery and kill vampires?

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    Okay, for the record, I have already refused to share any supernatural experiences I may or may not have… experienced for a podcast once this year. So I would feel bad to break my own rule of sharing with you and not with them… Then again, I’m on your podcast more then I’m on that other one so it’s actually quite fair.

    Okay fine here’s one. I was with my parents, visiting Mission Santa Barbra. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_missions_in_California) I remember, quite clearly, blacking out.

    Okay… That’s not the right way to say it.

    One moment I was walking around with my parents, and then suddenly I was alone. Standing in a room that had nothing really interesting in it, but there was a stack of old shutters leaning against the wall. There was one pair of shutters that was visible had a cute painting on it of a crescent moon and some stars. Like, whoever had these shutters in their room would open the shutters during the day, you wouldn’t see the painting but you would when they were closed… at night.

    So I was suddenly aware that I was standing alone in this room, with no idea how long I’d been there staring at these shutters, or how I got there.

    And also, I was humming a tune while I was standing there, but later when I tried to remember the tune, I couldn’t.

    And that was odd.

    In other news: I WAS surprised that neither of you mentioned finding A MAGICAL HAT as a supernatural experience.

  4. Kiya Bee says:

    William’s stories are great! I still think about the one he told about his experience watching childbirth; the way he described the feeling of being there was perfect. The supernatural experiences were interesting, too, as I’ve never really had a significant one myself. There was this one time that I was sleeping, dreaming about the fire alarm going off and screaming that there was a fire, then woke up in the hallway just when the actual fire alarm turned off on its own. Mr. Bee was pretty freaked, said that I ran into the hall and kept yelling about a fire and that the alarm was on until I came to. I don’t know if that was supernatural, or just our fire alarm battery needing to be changed; I tend to have weird dreams about people and situations around me.

  5. Craig says:

    Tony – Karmacode is indeed a great album, I’d personally say its their best one though I’ve not heard the latest one yet. If that’s the sort of music you’re into then there are plenty of similar bands, all with strong female leads, have a search for gothic metal / symphonic metal, they’re the two descriptions of the genre I’ve heard most often. Some of my personal favourites, beyond Lacuna Coil are:
    Within Temptation

    William – More talking, not less.

    • Azuretalon says:

      I had given Tony the same advice. I have seen Within Temptation in concert and it was simply amazing. I also pointed out After Forever, Epica, and Eyes of Eden.

      • Craig says:

        Within Temptation are indeed great in concert, I managed to see them on the tours promoting both The Silent Force and Heart of Everything. Also managed to see Nightwish but unfortunately it was their first tour after changing the lead singer and their whole style had changed with it.

  6. Beth says:

    William – I like your stories. The one about funnel cakes is still my favorite, though the one about childbirth and the supernatural experiences were riveting, too. I don’t have any brushes with the supernatural to talk about, so I didn’t share any.

    I like when you answer questions and particularly when you go on a tangent about something stemming from a question. Theoretical/philosophical discussions, even about mundane topics are usually the best part of the podcast. I am generally less interested in the media consumed in the past week, particularly video game particulars. I do enjoy Tony’s descriptions of movies, especially when the movie is particularly bad (as so many of them are).

  7. Azuretalon says:

    I enjoy the stories and weekly media consumption updates, but I would tend to agree with William. I don’t think it needs to go away entirely, but parsed down and leaving more time for hat questions, being the actual premise, would be ideal for me.

    I am sad to say I actually asked the question because I don’t have any supernatural experiences. Even when I have set out to have them by doing things (such as Ouija board experiences) or going to supposedly haunted spots. The best I have is seeing a grey, toadlike face about the size of a football and sticking out of the woods about 2 feet off the ground. This was in rural Arkansas at my great aunt’s house, and I ran inside quickly. It could have easily been Pareidolia or a cat whose ears had been obscured or something.

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