Episode 47 : Anger and Apathy

We get into some heavy stuff here!  William talks pretty seriously about a relationship he’s recently ended… we discuss the nature of happiness… and… Ezzie annoys the shit out of us!


You don’t want to miss out!



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11 Responses to Episode 47 : Anger and Apathy

  1. Mark says:

    Tony: Congrats on your new toy. Also, you really should have put a link to your Twitter profile in the show notes.

    Good grief, Tony has corrupted William.

    I know that none of the Underworld movies can be described as good, but I have found myself enjoying enough of them to say I kind of like them. I was a bit surprised that they actually made another one. While I’ve only seen a promotional image (not even a trailer for it); I’m trying to decide just how interested I am in seeing it (e.g. do I think it’s worth paying to see it in a first-run theater, cheap-seats or wait for it to hit Netflix someday).

    Harry Potter: It depends on which book/movie you’re talking about. For example Prisoner of Azkaban is far, far superior as a book than as the movie; however Order of the Phoenix is far better as a movie than a book (mostly because you don’t get all of Harry’s whiney internal monologue in the movie).

    • The Producer says:

      As one in the ‘not-going-to-call-it-good-but-enjoy-them’ camp for Underworld, I would probably *not* recommend paying for the 3D theater experience, unless you’re really into the 3D. I didn’t think it added that much.

      As for theater vs. home, it’s going to depend on your set up. It’s very dark overall and mostly in the blue tones, similar to the look & feel of the previous ones. Our old TV didn’t handle dark scenes well, and it would look like crap on that. But if you have a better TV than our old TV (and honestly, who doesn’t??), you’d probably be fine. That said, I’d probably go for a cheap theater, since I like watching my action movies on the big screen.

      The amazing thing to me is that they not only made a fourth movie, but they laid the groundwork for a fifth. Apparently they’re expecting to squeeze the franchise absolutely dry.

      • Mark says:

        We rarely opt for the 3D version of films as they tend to cause Michelle to feel motion sick and they give me headaches. Plus, quite frankly, I’m cheap and object to the extra cost for the 3D tickets.

        • The Producer says:

          Agreed. It was the only option available down here, and I a) wanted to see the movie and b) wanted to force Tony to see it, so we did it as a matinee. But the price always comes as a surprise and evokes my inner grouchy old man who went to $1 movies when he was a kid.

  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    By the way, when I send the question “WHO’S THAT AT THE DOOR?” it was a reference to Late Night with Craig Furgison and I’d forgotten you might not watch that.

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      That was a not so great question I sent previously. So the above comment was in response to your conversation about not so great questions.

      So on the subject of the number of dice… You know those giant tins of popcorn you see for sale around the winter holidays? I knew a guy who had one of those THREE QUARTERS FULL of dice. Just sayin’.

      Also, if you draw a question from Stewart and complain that the episode is getting overly Welsh, and then you draw a question from ME… That is not really so much an advancement for non-Welsh questions.

      The Magical Talking Hat Podcast! NOW WITH 1/4 MORE WELSH!!!

    • Bloodsparrow says:

      Agnsty Teens are Agnsty.

      I stopped reading… I think it was Order of the Phoenix for that reason.

      I also stopped reading A Wrinkle In Time for essentially the same reason when I was a teen myself.

      There was so much misdirected anger and agnst (granted, not without reason but still) on the part of the main character I just couldn’t take it any more. I eventually went back to A Wrinkle In Time but still haven’t bothered with Harry Potter.

      • Mark says:

        It’s been years since I read them, but I recall finding the last 2 Harry Potter books rather enjoyable. If you’re a fan of the earlier Potter books, then you might want to give the last 2 a read. Though I’d probably skip the epilogue at the end of the last book; it’s just self-indulgent twaddle.

  3. Kiya Bee says:

    Poor Greyboy (hopefully that’s spelled right), I hope he feels better with the new cat food. According to cat age charts, he would be the equivalent of 92 human years.

    Angry Birds is one of those pop culture phenomena that makes me feel very old. I can’t play it right, on my mobile phone or the computer; my three-year old niece can play it better than I can. My son has tried to show me how to play it, and I still suck at it, prompting his mocking of me.

    Having recently finished the Harry Potter series, both books and movies, fairly recently (thus inspiring the question), I believe that the books are better. I do agree with Mark, however, that The Prisoner of Azkaban is a far better book than movie, and The Order of the Phoenix was a better movie than book. The only example I can think of as far as movies being better than books would be The Bridges of Madison County. Usually I try to read books before seeing their respective movies, but I saw the movie first and really enjoyed it, then tried reading the book and had a hard time getting into it. It’s still one of my favorite movies to this day.

  4. SirGuido says:

    That’s right people, I’m commentin all over this biyatch! So you best be payin attention!

    Oh and William… I’m up to over 500 dice now. How’s that for blowin your mind!?

    Hey fellow hardhats… wanna get rid of dice? I’ll take all you got!

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