Episode 42 : That time of year again…

Yes, it’s Iowa Caucus time!  What’s that?  You don’t know what a caucus is?  Well, we explain it all.

And as an added bonus, totally loses his voice *during* the podcast!


We deal with serious topics this week, like zombies, and 4-D movies.  Yes, *4-D*!   We also address a serious issue that plagues many young people in this day and age.



None.  I think.  But I just took some cold medicine, so I can’t be held responsible.


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16 Responses to Episode 42 : That time of year again…

  1. Bloodsparrow says:

    Caucus? You hardly know us!!!


  2. Bloodsparrow says:

    I got the book that I wanted, Good Eats cook book Vol.3 {the Later Years}.

    And tires for my car.

  3. Bloodsparrow says:

    Dude, post the instructions for making that cold crap stuff!

    Why was there no Kraft Dinner and Summer Sausage in that box?

    Also, emergency pork is a great band name.

  4. Bloodsparrow says:

    3D TV in North America is droppig off in popularity among consuers, but its o the rise in Europe & the Middle East.

  5. Bloodsparrow says:

    How’s the coffee made by Apple users?

  6. Bloodsparrow says:


  7. Azuretalon says:

    A zombie with a soul/ghost/spirit to me is a Revenant, not a zombie. Solomon Grundy, The Crow and such. Also in “Fido” the titular zombie loved several of the characters.

  8. Stuart says:

    3D TV is surely a fad. It started as a way to get us off our sofas and into the cinema for an experience we couldn’t get at home, and now it’s an opportunity to a) sell more expensive TVs, b) allow Best Buy to sell you a $100 gold plated “rated for 3D” HDMI cable and c) re-sell you a load of DVDs/Blu Rays you already have.

    Further, 3D gaming is a joke. Each frame is rendered twice, so is a big performance drain. And those glasses? Really, 100 bucks, give or take? Yeah, would last a week with kids in our house.

    I usually lap new technology up, but 3D is gash.

    • Mark says:

      Agreed and 3D films are even not really intended to enhance the average film so much as it is to jack up the cost of a movie ticket to boost the movie studios’ profits.

      Tony: The reason people are excited about the Disney 3D re-release of Beauty & the Beast, isn’t because it’s in 3D. It’s because they want to see it again and either:
      A) they didn’t get around to buying a copy before Disney locked it away in their “vault”.
      B) they really want to see it on the big screen again.

  9. Mark says:

    While not my personal favorite Ghibli film, Howl’s Moving Castle is excellent and I will always have some special memories for it due to the timing of its release. I was visiting Tokyo the year it came out and the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art had an animation exhibit that year. Near the exhibit exit, they had setup a 3-4 foot tall model of the castle and apparently the museum staff had a few pranksters working the day I was there. As they waited for several people in our group to get near the model and then activated the animatronics so it started moving and making all kinds of noises. It was ….. a bit startling.

  10. William says:

    The caucuses are today, by the way. Not sure why I said “a few weeks”… wishful thinking, I guess.

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