Episode 25 : The Gift of the… Pork Chop?

It’s our Silver Weekiversary!  What did you get us?


We’re full of it this week, that’s for sure.  Role-playing games, video games, movies, natural disasters, fine literature, weed, and porn.   Also, a deep discussion on the diversity of Americans.  And silver plated foods!




Play Bastion!  Read Mike Carey.  Don’t see The Debt

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6 Responses to Episode 25 : The Gift of the… Pork Chop?

  1. SirGuido says:

    Yes I have been faithful, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be whipped…

    • themagicaltalkinghat says:

      You, posting that over here, instead of on Facebook, where the reference was, sounds much more profound, and perverse…..


      … and hot! 😉

  2. Azuretalon says:

    I’ll be listening as long as you keep making episodes, and as long as they are still funny, and as long as I still feel like it. But other than than, unconditional.

  3. Kiya Bee says:

    I think I graduated from Hatling to Hard Hat when I caught up on the podcast after returning from vacation. Apparently I have more of an understanding of your meanings than I thought, since I laughed heartily at the “your daddy stole my car” pickup line.

    I believe the rivalry between San Francisco and Los Angeles is largely one-sided, that being San Francisco is not fond of Los Angeles. From when I lived in Southern California, and subsequent vacations to the area, it was apparent that the people there didn’t really care about areas outside of SoCal, almost as if they didn’t exist or were extremely foreign (including Oregon and Washington, which in reality aren’t that far away). The biggest beef L.A. had with San Francisco was when the Raiders were traded to Oakland, hence the nickname “L.A. Traitors.”

  4. Mark says:

    “Hijinks will ensue” is that an obscure reference to a webcomic or maybe a new description of what this podcast is all about?

    No comment on anything else because I keep hearing complaints about long comments or I just couldn’t be bothered this time.

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